Have you ever seen a space without unique wall shelves? Undoubtedly no; these are not just small installations for the organization but also a critical part of home decor. In every nook and corner of a functional place, there is stuff to store and preserve. And it is almost impossible to manage without modern wall shelves. Once nestled for books in the catholic church, these are a household accessory. Present-day, their importance in offices, homes, cafes, bars, and restaurants are almost equal. Earlier laden with stuff in a corner, these embellish exquisite showpieces. Also, for a unique look, modern wall shelves are in colourful designs and varied shapes.  

  Shop From The Exclusive Range of Wallmantra 

Wallmantra is a decor hub contemplating your interior decor needs. On our platform, you will find a variety of decorative wall shelves at economical prices. Not only quality is superior, but also the designs are classy. Know a bit about our latest modern wall shelves range before buying:

  • Honeycomb Wall Shelves - The novel honeycomb wall shelves are the extended version of hexagon wall shelves. Every individual wall shelf is put together to display a honey-like structure. They are quite prominent installations in living areas, studies, or bedrooms to display varied things. You may consider decorating your wall by installing this structure only. The sizes and colours are easily available as per preference. The sturdy built and exquisite look makes one’s place classy and royal.   
  • Floating Wall Shelves- The hesitation while installing traditional wall shelves was real. Once a tiresome task involving nail and hammer, floating wall shelves involve effortless mounting. You can even install these shelves without drilling with adhesive strips. Also, in most of the designs anchors are altogether missing. Their sturdiness, strong build, and no visible support make them a popular choice. Wallmantra ensures providing premium quality floating wall shelves that don’t sag. And the packaging comes with an aid manual for easy setup. The modern yet traditional look accentuates your home, helps manage your stuff, and displays exquisite pieces.
  • Kitchen Wall Shelves- Regardless of the number of racks one installs in the kitchen, it always looks messy. And to reduce mess, kitchen wall shelves are the biggest saviour. The small floating wall shelves in the kitchen help organize and display important stuff that one usually overlooks. Most of the shelves are freely installed, missing any additional fitting. You can either keep containers or beautiful planters to enhance the overall look. Available in varied colours, they are easy to match every interior setup. You can surf the decorative wall shelves category on Wallmantra to make your kitchen look new.
  • Square Wall Shelves- Unlike in the past, unique wall shelves have paved the way for organizing smartly. Although wall shelves are widely available in diverse shapes, square wall shelves look unique and modern. Their installation is not only possible in compact spaces but in large decorative areas as well. In fact, people like highlighting their home with unique wall shelves more than any other accessory. Designed intricately by industry experts, every minute detail is taken care of. You can find multiple sizes and colours on square wall shelves on Wallmantra. The number of wall shelves and brackets depends on the area one wants to install. For a small bedroom, one small installation is sufficient. However, you can compile two-three pieces together to get a complete look.

Things to Keep in mind While Buying Decorative Wall Shelves from Wallmantra

  1. Decide the area beforehand before buying the wall shelves. The size of the shelves varies as per the concerned position.
  2. Contrast the colour and design of the shelf with your interior décor. It is always better to mix-match before coming to a quick conclusion. Perfectly contrasted decorative wall shelves look like an inventive creation. 
  3. Think about the essentials that you will assign to the shelves. That will help you buy as per height and length. 

Why Wallmantra for an Exclusive Collection of Decorative Shelves?

  • The material used in wall shelves is sturdy, vigorous and robust. With proper care, it remains intact for years.
  • We deliver happiness to your doorstep at the earliest possible. 
  • Easy return and Exchange policy in case your product doesn’t fit in.


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