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Candles are the most mesmerizing beautifying objects on earth. They don’t just diffuse a soft glow around, but give rise to a mystical atmosphere. You cannot find any single person on earth who doesn’t like candles. Once upon a time, candles were just used to light up the surrounding, but with time, candle has become more of artistic object which adds a subtle touch of beauty and elegance almost anywhere. Candles these days are more than just an illuminating objects, it is more of a rejuvenating object which comes with an elusive fragrance to serenade you.

Wallmantra brings you a range of exclusive scented candles which infuses magic in the surrounding and simply lifts up your mood. Our candles are infused with exotic fragrances that enchant almost anybody. These ethereal candles are made of clean-burning soy wax poured in a regal metallic tin which are timeless in beauty and has a luxurious appearance. Rich metallic tone beautifies these tins gorgeously and makes the candle no less than an extravagant affair. These luxe tea light candles even come in a glass container if you prefer glass candles more than tin. It has an equally attractive shape and a magical scent. The perfumes are an exotic blend of wild flowers and the natural flora. You can witness the alluring aroma ones you light these candles. You don’t really require a room freshner, if you choose this natural option for diffusing a subtle fragrance around your which lasts for a long time.

These candles are great for festivities and celebrations. It seems like a cherry on top for your festive décor. Especially for Indian festivities and celebrations, where candles and diyas play a huge role in adorning the whole affair, these candles work like wonder. The fascinating aroma does the work of incense too, and therefore you don’t really need to worry about the smell inside your room. Also, these scented candles does it’s job the best when you’re planning a romantic date with your beloved in your home. The striking fragrance and the warm glow help sail the mood in the right direction.

The best part about these decorative candles are- they constitute one of the best gifting options for your loved ones on any given occasion. Indian festivities are all about showering love and affection. In order to flaunt it in the best way, an enchanting pair of scented candles as gift would make a lasting impression on your favorite person.

What Are The Best Candles For Decorating A Living Room Desk or Table?

It totally depends on your taste and preference. Wallmantra has a range of exotic scented candles ranging from mild to rich. If you love soft fragrance and love to keep it that way, we would advise you to go for our minimalistic collections. On the other hand, if you want your living room to stand out from the rest, pick from our luxurious collection of scented candles.

What Are The Best Candles For My Bedroom?

Bedroom is the retreating area, a place where you look up for peace and relief. Therefore, your décor needs to have a peaceful appearance. Choose from our elementary designs and pick your favorite according to your pre-existing bedroom décor.

Is Cash On Delivery (COD) Available?

Answer: Yes, COD is available on all our decorative items, including candles. Pay the bill/total amount in cash to the delivery executive when he/she hands over your ordered vases.

How Long Will I Take To Receive My Ordered Candle?

Answer: At WallMantra, we value your time. And hence, we take every possible effort to deliver your ordered scented candles within the stipulated time. Usually, you will receive your ordered candles in 7-8 working days. In the case of any delay, we will keep you updated via SMS/email.

How Will I Track My Ordered Candle?

Answer: After receiving your order and confirmation on your order from you, we start the delivery process. As we hand over your ordered candles to the currier agent, we inform you about it and produce a Tracking ID to you through SMS or email.

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