Silver Touch Large Lantern
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Stylish Candle Holder
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Clear Glass Candle Holder
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Black Magic Flower Vase
₹ 2,000 ₹ 1,399

Chalky Long Flower Vase
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Clear Glass Flower Vase
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Sleek Wooden Hour Glass
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Irradiate Your Room with Sparkling, Antique, & Luxury Scented Candles!

Everyone likes to blow candles at home and office on every special occasion. Generally, candles are also known as “wax light” or “sconce” or “rush light”. These three names are popular in the entire world and everyone uses different words. In reality, these burning items have great importance in our life. In ancient times, people used these wax lights to brighten up their uses. With the growth of technology, the usage of these items is declining gradually.

With the development of technology, these sconces have been redesigned and updated. It means you can décor and brighten your space with a lovely fragrance. For getting superb styles with adorning layouts, WallMantra is the best online website. It is an all-in-one website for decorative items at a reasonable price. We believe in the satisfaction of our customers. For your satisfaction, we added several kinds of sconces for decoration.

What does a Blowing Candle Symbolize?

In reality, there are different meanings of wax lights for different people. In other words, the burning flame has numerous symbols according to Vastu Shastra. Also, we include all kinds of prettifying items for your household. Let’s know some symbols of blowing wax light within the premises:

  • Romance – Whenever we see a flame, it creates a romantic environment in the room. For new married couples, placing these decorative wax lights in the bedroom is an excellent choice. It helps to create a lovely and romantic atmosphere in the room.
  • Relaxation – By looking at these flames in beautiful artwork, people will forget all the stress and anxiety. In other words, your mind will become calm and stress-free.
  • Faith – To avoid evil eyes or negativity, people like to burn scented candles in the temple or Puja Ghar. They have faith that if the flame is burning, positivity will never go. Hence, these items help human beings by giving faith.
  • Hope – These burning flames are the best examples of hope. If you are losing hope, you should learn from these attractive pieces. Sconces are directly related to hope.
  • Resolution – It is also known as a problem resolver. If you want to get rid of any problem, these flames motivate you to fight with your fear. At WallMantra, numerous kinds of fragrant rushlights are available for your home.

Why Place Durable & Beautiful Sconces at Home?

In reality, every decorative item has its importance in decoration. Also, each item available on WallMantra has a distinctive necessity. This is why; people are shopping for various kinds of adorning items with us. However, there are several reasons behind selecting these fragrant candles like as:

  • They help to create a good ambiance in the environment. Without any lighting exposures, these items are enough to spread natural light within the space.
  • People are feeling stress-free and pleasant by seeing the burning flames. In other words, wax lights also help to keep your mind calm and swing it to happiness.
  • Along with decoration, by placing these embellishing pieces, you can sleep peacefully. A single burning sconce in a dark room is enough to spread positive energy.
  • Also, a single sconce has the power to brighten your room without having any latest technology. However, these rushlights are available with great fragrance at WallMantra.
  • In a study room, a light burning flame helps in concentration. One can do a study with the full focus of having clear memory.

Acquire Our Ultimate and Graceful Scented Tea Light Candles at WallMantra

We are the hotspot of various types of adorning items for your house/office. If we talk about sconces, we have tremendous patterns and styles at WallMantra. Have a look at our awesome and prettifying holders:

  • Lavender & Vanilla Classy Chic Designer Fragrant Pillar Sconce
  • Mosaic Glass Tea Design in Multicolor
  • Hexagon Holder (Set of 2)
  • Beautiful holder in Geometrical Shape
  • Divine Golden Footed Hurricane (Set of 2)
  • 100% Organic Ocean Breeze Aroma Blue Pillar Sconce (Set of 2)
  • Diamond-Cut Red Glass Fragrant Jars
  • Liya & Black Orchid Mason Tin Fragrant Wax Light
  • Fresh Mogra 3 Wick Tin Showy Pattern

Buy Scented Candles Online in Different Styles at WallMantra!

If you are interested in such types of jars/holders/sconces, WallMantra is the best place. On a serious note, all of these things are available with an addictive flavor. Choose your favorite product and rush your order without any complications. Bring these stupefying jars to your home/office and enhance your appearance.


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