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Original price was: ₹ 2,599.Current price is: ₹ 1,999.
Original price was: ₹ 2,599.Current price is: ₹ 1,999.
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Original price was: ₹ 999.Current price is: ₹ 799.
Original price was: ₹ 2,599.Current price is: ₹ 1,999.
Original price was: ₹ 999.Current price is: ₹ 799.
Original price was: ₹ 999.Current price is: ₹ 799.
Original price was: ₹ 2,599.Current price is: ₹ 1,999.

Shop Modern Design Decorative Wall photo frames Online at Best Prices in India

Add Decorative Photo Frames to Make Your Adobe Charming, Aesthetic, and Vibrant!

Nowadays, the interesting fact is that people are wondering about the opulent wooden photo frames items for home décor. Some of them are searching for attractive pieces like murals, sculptures, and paintings. On the other hand, some individuals are creating a fashionable environment through beautiful picture frames. Honestly, these items are perfectly known to bring a charming look to your adobe or office. Because of the attractive vision, such pieces are clinching popularity among the residents. In simple words, these arts become the different parts of a modern and stylish environment.


Usually, these frameworks include several forms like wooden, photomontage, 3D, mosaic, decoupage, and digital. In everyone’s life, several sweet moments and memories can’t be forgotten. In this manner, some human beings like to frame their favorite photographs to hang on the walls with multi photo frames. Your living room, kid’s room, bedroom, hall, kitchen, balcony, office, and others are the best place to keep these desirable artworks. At WallMantra, these beautiful pieces can be obtained desirably and hilariously. Bring a stylish idea to adorn the wall by adding a picture frame of distinctive occasions or festivals!

Types of Photo Frames Available on WallMantra

At WallMantra, we value your home décor needs. And hence, we offer an exclusive and unique collection of decorative Photo Frames. In your search on, you can come across wall photo framesbirthday photo frameslove photo framepersonalised photo frameswedding anniversary photo frameUnique designer photo frame and big photo frames for wall.


What are the Great Advantages of Choosing Family Photo Frames for Home?

These days, people like to take a selfie with their family members on cell phones. The main purpose of clicking pictures is to send them on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other platforms. Or, some people use their pictures to make an adorable environment. Today, most human beings are buying these artworks from WallMantra because;

  • Prevent from Loneliness – Due to some specific reasons, many people feel lonely at home or office. To prevent this situation, you can hang pictures of your beloved one or family member. It is a hilarious path to decline isolation and one can live a happy and calm life.
  • Helps to Remember the Expired Person – In every family, losing any person is one of the most difficult parts. Nobody wants to succumb to any member of the family. But, it is destiny and you can remember that lovable person through the decorative framework.
  • Prevent from Anxiety and Depression – As per the study, it has been noticed that most human beings like to have these artworks to reduce stress and anxiety. From WallMantra, you can achieve a perfect item so that you can frame your desirable picture on the walls.
  • Increase the Confidence of Children – When your kids will see images or pictures in their room, they become more confident. In other words, they can improve the positivity in their mind so that they can focus on their study.


Why Invest in a College Photo Frame for Decoration?

Apart from wedding and family photo frames, there is something different that can win your heart. The collage form of these artworks helps human beings in several ways. Like other frameworks, they also have their importance and necessity in decoration. However, you can procure them at a rock-bottom price from WallMantra along with tremendous benefits like:

  • It Tells You a Story – Usually, these pieces are specially designed to display your story. For example, you can place the pictures from the starting to the end of the wedding. You can choose one wall to express your story on any occasion like an anniversary, school journey, birthday, trip, etc.
  • It is a Simple Way to Express the Photos Collection – Several human beings like to express their collections of pictures on the walls. In such a situation, college frameworks are the ideal choice. You can also hang lots of images as per your wish.
  • It Displays Your Progress – Generally, a collage artwork is best known to define the progress of your achievements. You can display the way of success through photographs at home or office.
  • It is Stylish and Creative – If you want to get rid of bare walls then you can select these items. They are so creative and innovative that they can display your dwelling in an attractive pattern.


Shop for Gorgeous Photo Frames Online at WallMantra

Well, you make a wise and right decision to buy big photo frames online for wall decoration. From WallMantra, hundreds of individuals are purchasing these adorable arts on a daily basis. This website is offering the best quality of items at a reasonable cost. Apart from family or college, you can also search for other types like wedding, anniversary, mom, traditional, motivational, dad, birthday, etc.


Each of these types of items is usually perfect to fulfil the decoration process. We have hilarious collections of distinctive types of decorative pieces like paintings, lamps, wall lights, bed sheets, comforters, planters, organizers, key holders, tables, chairs, and many others.


Purchase a Frame Online for Your Photo Frame Online at the Best Price in India

Are you looking for the perfect frames for your photo? Then you’re in the right spot. WallMantra provides you with a wide range of online photo frames to help you decorate your home with images which are all more gorgeous than the previous. If it’s your photos or a work of art frames for pictures are the perfect method to keep them in your heart and we offer a great choice for you with an array of frames of frames to pick from. There are beautiful pictures frames with distinctive designs, in various shapes and sizes to perfectly frame your photos.


Amazing Pictures Frames as an integral part of the Home Decor

With the rapid development technological advancements, users are shifting towards more modern and sophisticated gadgets. However, a few items like the photo frame have retained their old-fashioned appeal and a deep place in their hearts and homes. Photo frames are one such item that will be a timeless item that will never out of style are a top choice by the majority of people. When you’re buying a brand-new house or just thinking about creating a space or beautifying it, among everything else, consider adding an attractive photo farm that will bring you wonderful memories to make your life worth living.


Some people may have altered their preferences in choosing wall frames that are family-friendly by, for instance, shifting from a heavy wooden frame to a more elegant one with visually appealing borders. People are fond of customising and personalize their photo frames for their walls, whether on smaller or larger photo frames, yet they will not abandon them.


Photo frames can give your space distinctness and makes you stand out visually blending with the frames. They enhance your interior and can spark a conversation among your friends. You can also attach emotive charts in your picture frames to create a lasting image.


Things to Consider Before or when buying Frames for Photos Frames

Photo frames are an excellent method to display photos near to the heart. Frames that display memorable moments on frames can bring an element of life to your house and let every inch of the wall speak the particulars of the memories it highlights. When you are looking to purchase a photo frame for your wall online, it is important to consider these things:


Interiors of rooms and interior decor for your home

Office and living space furnishings can create a huge difference when choosing the best picture frame. If your preference is more traditional or retro, opt for metal or wooden frames. But, if your home is modern and contemporary then you could opt for an individual glass frame.


Wall art and color

The wall’s color is a major factor in determining the frame to pick. It’s possible to create an atmosphere of harmony or contrast. For example, placing a wooden picture frame placed on a neutral wall will help to make the room appear more inviting.


Ceiling height

This is a largely ignored but vital criterion to choose the ideal photo frame to fit your space. For rooms with tall ceilings opting for a more striking frame is recommended. However in an area with low ceilings, opt for an image frame that is portrait as opposed to a landscape one which will emphasize the photograph more than just the aesthetic.



If you have a small space for a small space, you should consider putting together photo frames that are bundled or collage-like to provide an aesthetic and artistic flair to your living space. Photos frames draw the attention of others, so ensure that they match the décor and that the style is in line with.



Photo frames can be constructed from wood or even metals like aluminium, bronze or poplar. If you are looking to present an exceptional present to someone special the person you love, a silver photo frame is a fantastic choice.



Photo frames bring life to dull walls and help you preserve the most precious moments from your life. Images can trigger good memories and help to build relationships. It is possible to display your favourite images or make collages with artwork, 3D elements wood, reeds with patterns, vibrant fabrics, and captivating designs.


Different types of Photos Frame Designs available on WallMantra

You can browse through the frames available on the internet and pick your preferred style. The most common kinds of photo frames you can find on online stores include:


Single Photo Frames

They can be ornamental or simply the regular frames. They are available in a variety of metals, styles, and also other options. They can be mounted on the wall or floating frames.


Collage Frame

Make a collage of captivating images in one frame, and add some flair to your interior design by using one.


Clip Photo Frames

These are all the rage these days. They are adorned with hangings of jute thread that allow you to attach, hang and display your precious photographs on your walls or by your bedside. They come with a variety of messages and quotes that will put a make you smile.


Table Photo Frames

It is possible to keep one picture or collage of pictures on your table – either in your bedroom or in the living space. There are many Jodhpuri styles or easel stand to make your photos stand out. You can get them in a variety of styles, designs colors and at the lowest price.

Will My Photo Be Ready To Hang On The Wall?

Answer: Almost yes, we send you a photo frame as per your chosen size. After receiving the frame, you will have to insert photos or images into the frame before hanging it from your living room, dining hall, or any space wall in your home.

Can You Photo Frame A 3d Item?

Answer: Yes, we can. For framing a 3D item, you need to call or email us at 84486 59940 and

Where Can I See Photos Of Your Frames?

Answer: After logging onto, you need to go to our categories of Photo FramesCollage Photo Frame, to see the photos of our frames. In the case of any query in this regard, you can contact us at at 84486 59940 and

How Much Will It Cost To Frame My Picture?

Answer: It is hard to say without knowing your exact need for photo frames. Get in touch with our customer care executives by calling/emailing them at at 84486 59940 and

Can I Track My Order Online?

Answer: Of course, yes. As we hand over your ordered products to our esteemed courier partner, we share a link and customer ID with you. After opening the link, you can easily track your ordered products online.

Is Cash On Delivery Applicable For Every Artwork?

Answer: Yes, we offer COD or Cash on Delivery on almost all our artwork and decorative items. For specific information, you can talk or email our customer care executives at 84486 59940 and

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