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The decoration is a major part of our lives. We see something blank and dull, and we instantly have the desire to add a piece of ourselves to make it as attractive as possible. The same goes for our walls as well. It can be your workplace or home; nobody wants to stare at blank walls. We want them to reflect our personality, mainly because we spend a significant amount of time over there.


When we get a promotion and move into a bigger cabin, our preparation starts with decorating the space to make it look like we own it. It is also true for our homes. When you move into a new apartment, the first few days would be spent visualizing how you can transform the space.

However, decorating a space is not an inexpensive affair. Most products in the market are pricey, which may end up taking a toll on your bank balance. However, it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. Wall Mantra presents a wide variety of options in home décor items that will bring the optimism that your walls need. You will find many inexpensive options in wall stickers that are not only attractive but also very easy to apply. Let go of the hassle of applying wallpapers when you can use wall stickers to your advantage.

Music has always been a significant part of our lives. Life would indeed be very dull without music. It is a language in itself. Music can evoke emotions so deep that no form of communication can possibly do. For musicians and music lovers, music is a significant part of their lives. If you consider yourself to be one, getting music wall stickers would be the best way to go.

At Wall Mantra, you will find a wide selection of wall stickers about music. If you are fond of a specific instrument, you can browse through our gallery and select the ones that go best with your personality. With our music wall stickers India, you will be able to express your life through music symbolically.

Check out our portal for some outstanding designs. Every customer is unique and has specific needs. Understanding that element, we try to keep as many options possible on our portal. Our designers have come up with some funky designs in music stickers that you can put up in your bedroom, café, store, etc.

If you like playing the guitar, you will find plenty of them in our collection of musical wall stickers online. If you think you are more of a lead singer, getting a mike in your room would be a great choice. If you are a passionate lover of music, get the girl with headphones from our portal. The options in wall stickers are endless in Wall Mantra. Please make the most of it by browsing right away.

All you have to do is take a look and place an order. Once you have set the order, our operations team will do everything in their power to have it delivered to you.

Buy Musical Wall Stickers Online from WallMantra

Whether you want to show off your love for musical instruments or use them to adorn a space in your home, WallMantra has the right solution as Musical Wall Stickers. As per your taste and choice, you can buy a wall sticker carrying an image of a guitar, harmonium, drum, mike, a dancing girl, a girl listening to music, or a boy playing a guitar. Apart from Musical Wall Stickers, you can find and buy spiritual, nature, fridge, car, and laptop stickers. For embellishing your home more, you can consider buying mirrors, lamps, decals, paintings, wall mounted aquariums, decorative mirrors, wall plates, shelves, photo frames, wooden clocks, smart furniture, and wooden hangings.

Have faith in us, and we will not disappoint you.


How Will I Track My Ordered Wall Stickers?

Answer: After receiving your confirmation on your ordered wall stickers, we start the delivery process. When your ordered product is packed and handed over to our courier partner, we produce a tracking ID and link that will help you know the status on your ordered stickers.

How Long Will I Have to Wait for Receiving My Ordered Stickers?

Answer: After receiving your consent on your placed order, we mention an expected delivery time, which is of 7-8 working days, to you. In the case of any delay, we send you SMS or email to keep you informed on the status of your ordered stickers.

What Are The Best Wall Stickers For My Living Room?

Answer: As an exclusive eCommerce retailer of Wall Stickers, we find it hard to say that a particular wall sticker is good for your living room. It is you who can decide which wall stickers are the best one for your living room. As per your choice and home decor theme, you can buy a wall sticker with a spiritual, floral, tree, bird, and natural scenery theme.

Is Cash On Delivery (COD) Available?

Answer: Yes, COD or Cash on Delivery is available for all our decorative products, including stickers.
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