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Have a Classic Time Display and Home Decor with Cuckoo Clocks

cuckoo wall clock is typically a clock, which has a pendulum to strike hours with a cuckoo sound. Usually, it has an automated cuckoo bird, which moves ahead with one note. Some birds of the cuckoo clocks open & close their beaks while some move their wings. Further, some such clocks have only the bodies of cuckoos. Some come up with or without an automated cuckoo sound. The mechanism to produce a cuckoo’s sound relates back to the 18th century and the place is the Black Forest area in southwestern Germany.

At WallMantra, we have an exclusive collection of the original black forest cuckoo clock. Backed by highly skilled craftsmen, we design, make, and offer cuckoo bird clocks in several different shapes, sizes, designs, and mechanisms to cater to your different needs.

Available Cuckoo Clocks on WallMantra

WallMantra is one of the most preferred destinations for purchasing different clocks online. At, you will find the most suitable cuckoo clock, whether you are looking for a modern cuckoo clockantique cuckoo clockwooden cuckoo clockbattery cuckoo clockwooden cuckoo wall clockblack forest cuckoo clock, or cuckoo alarm clock. You will have the right cuckoo wall clock whether you are looking for it for your living room, dining hall, bedroom, workplace, or commercial setup. We, at WallMantra, offer only superior quality wooden cuckoo clocks with a safe packaging.

How to Buy the Best Cuckoo Wall Clock Online

For some of you, buying cuckoo clocks online could be a little tricky, especially when you have no proper idea about this clock. You should buy the right one so that you can enhance your home look & appearance. Here are some useful tips for your assistance:

  • Decide the right place – a bedroom, hall, living room, commercial establishment – to hang it
  • Value the mechanism and choose the best one. The black forest cuckoo clock comes up with several different mechanisms such as with/without automated cuckoo sound, a pendulum to strike hours, with/without movements in beaks/feathers, or body
  • Choose a shape – round/circular, rectangle, pendant, etc.
  • Select a colour – black, brown, grey, or white. Choose the one that matches with your home theme opt for a cuckoo bird clock of bright colour if your home has a neutral theme.

Buy Vintage Wall Clock Online from WallMantra

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Where Should The Wall Clock Be In The Living Room?

Answer: The hanging of a wall clock depends on what you want to do with it. To attract wealth, you can install it on the East or North wall of your living room. You can hang it from the West wall when you find hanging from the Eastern/Northern wall don’t allow you to see the time clearly.

What’s The Range Of Wall Clocks Available On Your Website?

Answer: At, we have wall clocks with several different price tags. As per your budget, you can come across a wall clock with a price tag of Rs 1, 199 to Rs 8, 999.

Which Type Of Wall Clock Is Good For Home?

Answer: Which type of wall clock you should hang totally depends on you. Only for time display, you can install a simple wall clock. However, you can opt for hanging pendulum, vintage, modern, and premium wall clocks to embellish a room in your home.

Do You Provide Wall Clocks Of Bigger Size?

Answer: Yes, you can buy a bigger wall clock from WallMantra. The maximum size for a wall clock that we sell is 61cm * 61cm.

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