Glamorize Your Space and Bring Auspiciousness with Different God Idols and Statues!

Are you ready to adorn your living room, pooja ghar, and other areas? Do you want to achieve the best level of prosperity and peace at the workplace? In a true sense, several human beings are availing extreme advantages through decoration. To appeal to the house or office, distinctive accessories can be obtained online or offline. But, the religious and auspicious idols of different deities are increasing credibility in everyone’s house. At your pooja ghar, you need to place them to obtain blessings and boons. For your home or workplace, you can select diverse god idols for your space from WallMantra.

What You Can Obtain Through Auspicious Idols and Statues?

Honestly, there are amazing advantages of choosing these icons at home/office like:

  • Achieve a Peaceful Atmosphere – Getting a positive and peaceful environment is not a simple task for everyone. It requires your positive mindset along with decorative premises. To make your mind positive and happy, a religious Ganesh idol is a must.
  • Create a Devotional Ambiance – For getting a devotional environment, make sure to place spiritual pieces in your living room or pooja ghar. They are best known to boost the ambiance of your workplace or office.
  • Boost the Standard of Location – At WallMantra, we have everything that can make your clients or guests happy. By placing Ganesh murti or statue, you can enhance the quality of the place along with advanced advantages.
  • Offers a Natural Feeling and Visibility – Usually, Lord Shiva and Hanuman statue both brings prosperity within your space. In this way, you can also create a pleasant feel in your atmosphere. Before finding the best online website, you must check WallMantra once.
  • Prevent Against Negativity Around Your Environment – In every house, it is very essential to take away negativity permanently. Hence, different gods' idols can help you out in such a situation.
  • Make Your Strong Both Physically and Mentally – In reality, physical and mental health should be increased effectively. Don’t miss any opportunity because WallMantra is offering them at a reasonable cost.

How to Keep God’s Icons at Pooja Ghar As Per Vastu Shastra?

We all know that without pooja ghar, every house is incomplete. In every home, the worship house should be in the northeast direction of your adobe. This area is known as the “corner of God or Ishwar”. On the other hand, north, and east both directions are less suitable. And, make sure to avoid the south direction to bring an aesthetic touch. Here are some ground rules that you should consider while placing these idols:

  • Make sure not to hang pictures of God and Goddess in the north or south walls of your adobe.
  • Ensure that the size of these idols or icons should be 3 inches. It is a perfect size in every home/office to opt for auspiciousness.
  • Don’t place brass idols in front of each other. Also, make sure to remove broken statues or idols from the room.
  • It is essential to choose the best material like wood or marble. At WallMantra, you can obtain these materials in different patterns. We also have Ganesh Laxmi murti, Radha Krishna statue, and Lord Krishna statue.
  • In your pooja Ghar, it is necessary to avoid the pictures of a deceased person in your family.

Shop Now Religious Idols and Statues at Best Price on WallMantra

Buying these fashionable and gorgeous icons is not an easy task. Due to the variety, human beings have to experience several problems. This is why; WallMantra categorizes all of these icons according to the user’s choice. These are, for example, car dashboards and Radha Krishna idols, etc. In India, people have different choices of deities and religions. Hence, you can go through your desirable murti or icon for your home or office. It is a surety that you will never disappoint because we are providing them at a reasonable cost.


Along with god’s icons or murti, you may find numerous home appliances for your space. It may be decorative curtains, comforters, bed sheets, chairs, tables, dinnerware, TV units, aquariums, cushion covers, and so on. In every house, decorative items are a must to obtain the highest level of satisfaction. That’s why; WallMantra understands and respects every religion. Also, it contains several pictures and artworks of distinctive deities for your adobe.

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