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A Wall Clock to Decorate and Define Time

A Wall Clock is one of the most valuable inventions in human civilization. With time, the clock has gone through several changes in its design and material usage. Apart from displaying time in homes, offices, and other commercial setups, it is used for decoration too. In the contemporary world, people shop modern designer wall clocks to give as a present to their close ones. Whatever your purpose of buying wall clock designer online, you will come across many options in terms of designs and metals (wood, glass, fiber, etc.) used in production.


Types of Wall Clock Design

WallMantra offers you numerous options to choose when you decide to buy a designer wall clock for living room, designer wooden wall clock, or designer kitchen wall clocks. Based on your taste, home theme, and choice, you can shop designer wall clocks online in different geometric shapes, tree designs, Roman Number Decorative Wall Clock, and Tree Shape Wooden Wall Clock. Our collection of modern designer wall clocks also includes clocks with flower designs, bauble designs, animal shapes, floral patterns, number shapes, and broken shapes. Further, you can select the best one from our designer clocks with insect shapes, religious figures, single/dual layers of wood, and natural scenes.


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To buy modern designer wall clocks online, WallMantra ensures you to have secure transactions and timely & safe delivery of your ordered products. With its easy navigation, an extensive range of designer wall clocks, quick response to your query, and transparent dealings, WallMantra feel proud to make your purchase of decorative clocks more comfortable, convenient, and time-saving for you. Shopping wall clock designer online on WallMantra are friendly to your pocket, as we offer extra discounts and daily deals, today’s special price.


Buy Designer Wall Clocks Online from WallMantra

When it comes to shop for the timepiece that could help you display time and adorn a space in your home/office, is your first choice for buying Designer Wall Clocks online. From us at WallMantra, you can buy a wall clock in a clock text shape, canvas print, number shape, tree design, lotus design, apple shape, and many other shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. You can buy an analogue, wooden, pendulum, premium, vintage, modern, or DIY wall clock as per your taste and choice for art. Further, you can think of buying the best one from our collection of home decorative items. Our collection consists of wall decorative plates, paintings, mirrors, wall shelves, wooden hangings, clocks, photo frames, decals, aquariums, garden planters, and smart furniture.


Question: Where Should The Wall Clock Be In The Living Room?

Answer: The hanging of a wall clock depends on what you want to do with it. To attract wealth, you can install it on the East or North wall of your living room. You can hang it from the West wall when you find hanging from the Eastern/Northern wall don’t allow you to see the time clearly.

Question: What’s The Range Of Wall Clocks Available On Your Website?

Answer: At, we have wall clocks with several different price tags. As per your budget, you can come across a wall clock with a price tag of Rs 1, 199 to Rs 8, 999.

Question: Which Type Of Wall Clock Is Good For Home?

Answer: Which type of wall clock you should hang totally depends on you. Only for time display, you can install a simple wall clock. However, you can opt for hanging pendulum, vintage, modern, and premium wall clocks to embellish a room in your home.

Question: Do You Provide Wall Clocks Of Bigger Size?

Answer: Yes, you can buy a bigger wall clock from WallMantra. The maximum size for a wall clock that we sell is 61cm * 61cm.