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Let Your Dream of Watching Fish Swimming on Your Wall Come True  

Are you struggling with a space issue, which is working as a barrier in having an aquarium in your home? Get rid of it with WallMantra’s wall hanging aquariums. At WallMantra, we have the right wall mounted aquarium whether you want to start with fishkeeping as a hobby or to convert your wall as a centre piece in your living room or dining hall.


For newcomers willing to have a small small wall aquarium for home, we have a wall hanging aquarium in heart and egg shapes. We have the right wall fish aquarium if you want to have a living room partition with an aquarium. You can get the wall aquarium for home as per your home theme, taste, and choice. Available in several different shapes and sizes, our wall aquariums are the one you can’t ignore. 

Benefits of having a wall mounted aquarium

Having a wall aquarium in your home offers you numerous health benefits. You can experience better physical and mental well-being. Some of those health benefits are as follows:

  • Reduced stress level
  • An improvement in your sleep quality 
  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure 
  • Decreased anxiety and body pain 
  • Enhanced creativity and concentration 
  • Calming effect    


What We Use in Materials?

At WallMantra, we value quality and think it is the one that has made us stand apart from others in home decor. We use only supreme quality material whatever we design and make. Our wall mounted aquariums are made of rust proof brass screws and high-grade acrylic. 


We, at WallMantra, comprehend no decoration/product is complete without a fine finish. A wall aquarium with rough surfaces all around can break the look of your home. All our wall aquariums for home come up with a long-lasting fine finish that help you feel safe while being around them in your home.

Shapes and Sizes

Being a client-centred home decor online retailer, WallMantra comprehends your need for a wall hanging aquarium is different from others. And so, we offer our wall mounted aquariums in several shapes and sizes. You can hope to get a wall aquarium for home in a round, egg, oval, heart, and diamond shapes. When it comes to size, we offer our wall aquariums in all the standard sizes. Here size means wall covering areas. The available sizes are: 

  • 13inch x 7inch x 5 inch (length, breadth, and depth)
  • 13inch x 10inch x 5 inch
  • 13inch x 12.5inch x 5 inch
  • 13inch x 13inch x 5 inch



At WallMantra, we assure that our wall mounted aquariums are made available with all the requisite accessories. We offer our wall aquariums in several different capacities. The available standard wall aquarium for home can be hanged on the wall that can bear the weight of 20-25 kg. You can place 8-10 small fish such as guppies in a bubble wall aquarium based on its shape and size.     


What comes in a pack of wall aquarium for home

We deliver our pack of wall mounted aquariums with all the respective items so that you can easily hang them at the desired wall space of your home. The pack usually contains a small tree, pebbles, etc. You have to place the tree and pebbles inside the aquarium before installing it on the selected wall space. After the installation, you can fill it with water and put your bought fish inside.     

How to buy the right wall aquarium for home

Buying wall aquariums on WallMantra is comfortable. Before you move ahead, you need to take a few steps to make having an aquarium in your home more comfortable for you. The steps are as follows: 

  • Decide the wall space in your home. In this, you need to choose the wall that can hold 20 to 25 kg weight
  • Be acquainted with the materials used in the production. Never compromise with the material quality 
  • Select the the ideal shape such as oval, egg, round, or diamond
  • Choose the right size. Size means wall covering area. You have to decide how much wall area of your living room or dining hall you want to get covered by a wall aquarium for home
  • Value accessibility for care & maintenance  


Buy a wall hanging aquarium online on WallMantra

WallMantra is the right platform for your home decor purchase. Here, we offer a wide collection of home decorating products that include wall clocks, paintings, frame sets, wooden hangings, and lamps, apart from an exclusive collection of a wall aquarium for home. You will get your ordered wall mounted aquarium delivered safely at your doorstep within the stated time.