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Original price was: ₹ 1,999.Current price is: ₹ 1,499.
Original price was: ₹ 2,999.Current price is: ₹ 1,999.
Original price was: ₹ 1,999.Current price is: ₹ 1,499.
Original price was: ₹ 2,999.Current price is: ₹ 1,999.
Original price was: ₹ 1,999.Current price is: ₹ 1,499.
Original price was: ₹ 2,999.Current price is: ₹ 1,999.
Original price was: ₹ 1,999.Current price is: ₹ 1,499.
Original price was: ₹ 1,999.Current price is: ₹ 1,499.
Original price was: ₹ 1,999.Current price is: ₹ 1,499.
Original price was: ₹ 2,999.Current price is: ₹ 1,999.

Home Décor is one of the essential aspects of comfortable and luxurious living. When somebody enters your house, you want the walls and the space to tell a story. It should have some colour and personality that can instantly spread positivity among the people.|

The joys of home décor cannot be described in a few words. Because of this reason, people tend to look for ideas and themes immediately after they relocate to a new apartment. An empty house is like a blank canvas. You can decorate it according to your wishes.

Thanks to modern technology, the options for home décor are countless. If you want to transform the appearance of your space, you shouldn’t trust anybody else other than Wall Mantra. Get access to a plethora of products for home décor at our portal. If you like paintings, you can have them at our store. Apart from that, we also have wall stickers and wall decals.

Go through our varied options and choose the ones that best suit your personality to tell a mesmerizing visual story to all your visitors at home. You can find paintings and other items based on the spaces, be it the living room, bedroom, or the children’s room. Search according to your taste and preferences by sorting the items listed in the portal.

Get 3D LED frame painting because they are quite popular in the market. These frames will glow and grab the attention of everybody who visits your home. Wall Mantra has plenty of options in these paintings. Some of them are nature-inspired, which includes animals like love birds, flamingo, owl, and deer. If you like geography, you would love having a 3D LED frame wall art of the African map. Some also include sceneries of jungles or ocean. Check them out and take your pick.

Wall Mantra is one of the few online stores that offer an exclusive collection of paintings and wall stickers. Our team of professionals is going to everything possible to make this shopping experience seamless and hassle-free.

We also offer the best prices for our products. However, affordability doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality. Get the best in the choices, quality, and cost only at Wall Mantra. Go through the options and make the payment to have it delivered within a span of a few days.

Our operations team will ensure that the delivery is on time and hassle-free. After receiving the product, if you want to return it, we also provide the option to our customers. As home décor is a passion for most people, we aim to provide the best possible experience for everybody visiting our website.

We will do everything in our hands to make sure that you get the highest satisfaction from our products and services. In case you have queries, you can contact us through our customer care executives who are ready to serve you 24/7.

Buy 3D LED Frames Online from WallMantra

With WallMantra, home/office decoration becomes easier. Whether you want to have forest scenery, birds, animals, or fish in your home decoration, you will get the best 3D LED Frames from us. In addition, you can buy office frame sets, motivational frames, celebs frames, and photo frames. To embellish a space in your home, you can purchase paintings, wall stickers, decorative mirrors, aquarium, wooden hangings, wall shelves, clocks, garden planters, photo frames, and wall decorative plates.

Don’t wait any longer! Glam up your home with the most beautiful LED 3d led wooden photo frames designs for decorate your office wall, living room and bedroom!


Will My Picture Be Ready To Hang On The Wall?

Answer: Almost yes, we send you a photo frame as per your chosen size. After receiving the frame, you will have to insert photos or images into the frame before hanging it from your living room, dining hall, or any space wall in your home.

Can You Frame A 3D Item?

Answer: Yes, we can. For framing a 3D item, you need to call or email us at 84486 59940 and

Where Can I See Photos Of Your Frames?

Answer: After logging onto, you need to go to our categories of Photo Frames, Collage Photo Frame, to see the photos of our frames. In the case of any query in this regard, you can contact us at at 84486 59940 and

How Much Will It Cost To Frame My Picture?

Answer: It is hard to say without knowing your exact need for photo frames. Get in touch with our customer care executives by calling/emailing them at at 84486 59940 and

Can I Track My Order Online?

Answer: Of course, yes. As we hand over your ordered products to our esteemed courier partner, we share a link and customer ID with you. After opening the link, you can easily track your ordered products online.

Is Cash On Delivery Applicable For Every Artwork?

Answer: Yes, we offer COD or Cash on Delivery on almost all our artwork and decorative items. For specific information, you can talk or email our customer care executives at 84486 59940 and

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