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Children Room Decor – 9 Easy Ideas to Elevate Your Kid’s Imagination

It is said that kids are easy to make happy. By placing their favourite toys and other stuff before them, you can easily keep your kid happy and engaged for maximum time in a day. With a dedicated room, you can help your kids stay engaged in playing games and doing something different. When it comes to designing and decorating this space, most of you start looking for children room decor ideas. Here are some creative ideas for your help:

1. Use butterfly images or related things to create a magical wall

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Are you eager to jazz up the plain room of your prince/princess? Think of creating a magical butterfly wall. For this, you have two options – buying artificial butterflies from your favourite local/virtual store and cutting coloured cards in the shape of butterflies. Decide which wall you want to convert into a magical one and attach these butterflies to a wall by using glue. For having a magical appearance, you can use butterflies of several different materials, colours, and sizes.

2. Value organisation 

The decoration of a space is also associated with organising it. With the proper organisation, your kid’s room decoration will work better. As children need more space on the floor for playing, sitting, and other activities, so you should think of installing wall shelves to keep your kid’s stuff organised in his/her room. And when you start looking for wall shelves for organising your kid’s room, you should buy the wall shelf in the shape (such as rocket, ice cream, ship, moon, and panda) that your child loves a lot.

3. Consider having a teepee to enhance your kid’s imagination

On the market (physical or virtual), you can come across numerous options for a teepee. As per your kid’s taste and choice, you can buy the best one. However, a personally prepared playhouse will cost you less. With little arrangements and time & effort investments, you can easily create a tent house for your child yourself. Tye 4-5 bamboo canes together at one end with the use of a rope/string. Make a hole in the middle of a colourful bed sheet to peep. In the next step, make a cut to create a door for the entrance/exit to the tent house and place a soft cushion & allied things inside. 

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4. Use wall stickers to decorate a wall in your kid’s room

Using stickers or wallpapers is less expensive for you when it comes to decorating your children’s room. Further, the availability of stickers in different shapes (characters), designs, and colours make kid’s room decoration more comfortable for you. While shopping for stickers/wallpapers, you should value the shapes, designs, and colours your baby boy/girl loves a lot.

5. Think of creating a climbing wall 

Do you want to make your prince/princess brave and create a liking for adventure? If yes, go forward to create a mini climbing wall in your kid’s room. For creating a climbing wall, you need to add a couple of plywood or plastic sheets to the wall. Further, add some climbing holds to complete the task. Use the right paint colour to create a mountain range at the bottom. Don’t forget to place cushions in the surrounding area for the softer landing of your kid.

6. Have fairy lights

Your kid’s room decoration will go in vain if you ignore lighting. Apart from a bedside lamp and ceiling lights, you should think of stringing fairy lights on all the walls of your kid’s room. These fairy lights will create a cosy atmosphere when your child is ready to go to bed. In this lighting, you can opt for buying and installing paper lanterns, copper cages, and allied others.

7. Add stars, clouds, and moons to the room

Children love watching stars, moons, clouds, and allied things. As parents, you should allow your child to do this even when he/she is inside his/her room. For this, you need to do nothing but hanging wallpapers, decals, or stickers with cloud, star, and moon designs.

8. Think of installing wall sticker with ocean animals 

Does your child love to watch fish and allied aquatic animals swimming? If yes, include this interest in decorating your kid’s room. For this, look for the stickers, wallpapers, or decals that contain your child’s favourite aquatic animals.

9. Make the room colourful 

Children love having things of several different colours. If it is true for your child, opt for making your kid’s room colourful. Whether you use wallpapers, paints, stickers, or decals, keep what colours your child likes the most. From the floor to the walls and ceilings, use your kid’s favourite colours in the decoration process.


The children room decor ideas mentioned above are indicative. As per your wish and the availability of resources, you can use all the ideas mentioned above or utilise your creative mind to do something unique for your kid’s room. Happy decoration!      

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