5 Things You Should Keep In Mind before Buying Canvas Paintings


Wall paintings are the best way to save and deify valuable recollections for their perpetual beauty and art.

However, how would you ensure you are purchasing the right canvas prints that will impeccably make an interpretation of your image into a wall art?

Is it the material texture? Or on the other hand is it the picture quality? All of this might be an important thing to consider, but there are actually more boxes to tick.

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Make Use Of Complementary Shades

To ensure that your canvas print is the main attraction of your space, ensure you pick tones contrasting to one another in the shading wheel. Your fine art should complement your wall color, not mix with it. Assuming that the canvas print is an amalgamation of florescent colors, search for the most prominent shading (the focal tone) or the most dominant one.

Go for shades that mix well with the theme of your room

Assuming you need a more assembled and coherent look, go for shades like the most noticeable shade of the wall designs.

This shading blend brings refinement and gives each room its novel flavor. However, imparting a certain color theme to your room through the wall painting does not mean that everything will have to be of the similar color.

It simply suggests that a certain color of your choice will be thoroughly running throughout the space.

Opt for canvases that have pop colors

On the off chance that you wish to perk up your room with wall paintings overflowing with colors, put them against dim hued walls. Black or white to be more precise.

Ways To Display Canvas Paintings

Following points need to kept in mind in order to portray your new wall painting:

  • Shape of the painting
  • Whether the canvas comes in a single frame
  • Photo splits or canvas collage

Wall arts are mostly available in four different orientations; square, landscape, portrait, and panoramic.

You have to be very specific while choosing the shape of the wall painting for your images. Each form specializes in displaying certain types of photos at its best.

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Square Canvas Prints:

Square wall arts are the best choice when the image or subject inside has a round shape focused.

It goes like, if your image has a round plate, a flower, or a close-up shot of someone’s face, you know which canvas print will best showcase it.

Landscape Canvas Prints:

These canvases help a small room look wide and spacious.

They are best suited for landscapes and scenic beauties. So, if nature is your primary interest, a landscape canvas print is your way to go.

Portrait Canvas Prints:

Portrait canvases, as the name suggests, are obviously used for portrait photos.

But, it is not just confined to it. It does perfect justice to focused objects, especially food items and nature as well.

Panoramic Canvas Prints:

Any large pictures like family group photos, wildlife, cityscape, find its way to panoramic canvas prints for a better exposure.

Never miss to check the frame build

Before buying a wall painting, make sure that you’ve checked the frame structure and durability as you are investing in something that has to last generations to say the least. A wooden frame built from pine is believed to be of the highest quality and is highly recommended for any wall art. U.K’s pine wood is said to possess a life of 1000 years because of which it has been used in the manufacturing industries for years together.

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This short guide is presented for the sole purpose of making you aware about a wall painting, so that you pick the best for your home. It goes without saying that canvas paintings make any space appear graceful and elegant. Therefore, choose your favorite painting thoughtfully from Wallmantra to decorate your bare wall today!


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