5 Extremely Functional Bathroom Mirrors That You Will End Up Loving


Have you ever thought that the type of mirror you hang in your living room reflects a lot about your personality? Bathroom mirrors are the essence of every bathroom. They define your view of life and the way you execute it into your surroundings. Also, the best thing about bathroom mirrors is that they help you deal with your outer flaws. By enabling you to be at your best, they change the look of your bathroom. However, because of the availability of numerous types in the market, bafflement while selection is obvious.

Modern bathroom mirrors are a way of tackling the compact spaces in flats. Let us find out the most versatile bathroom mirrors that reflect beauty, elegance and management.

Types of Bathroom Mirrors

  1. Heightened Mirror- A full-length mirror is an ideal choice if you have a large bathroom. Full-length mirrors define your bathroom and provide an elongation. Besides creating an illusion of space, they aid you to have complete insight. You can mount them either horizontally or vertically. The head to toe look provided fills enough confidence and leads to the attrition of any existing flaws. Also, the presence of extra light and space is worth every penny and last long for years to come.
  2. LED mirrors- Bathroom mirrors have come a long way after the considerable LED mirrors breakthrough. They look spectacular and are majorly energy efficient. These are usually perfect for places with dim lighting options. The light installed in them allows applying makeup, shaving and getting ready effortlessly. Coming in varied shapes and sizes, the light consumed is almost equal to a 10watt bulb only. Mirrors in full size, oval horizontal, rectangular or circular are available widely. Wallmantra has an extended quality LED bathroom mirror that is classy and economical at the same time.

  1. Cabinet Mirrors- These are usually called vanity consoles or medicine cabinets. These work two ways: mirror and storage cabinet. Generally made to hang above the bathroom sink, this type holds bathroom essentials. You can keep all your basics in these hidden cabinets without tackling the look of boring shelves. Many modern cabinet mirrors are available that vary in size and shape. Remember to select a large mirror cabinet if you have a small bathroom. It not only gives an added illusion of space but also saves you from the mess that compact bathrooms create. 
  2. Bluetooth Mirrors- Technology has no boundaries, and so does the design of mirrors. Innovation in this ever-increasing demand is Bluetooth mirrors. They are operated with Bluetooth via mobile phones. You can now enjoy your favourite track or light accessibility whenever needed. Although the care of such mirrors is a daunting task, the statement quotient they display is worthwhile.
  3. Pivot mirrors- This type entails maximum benefits such as flexibility, classiness, royalty and beauty. Pivot mirrors feature circular shapes and have built-in rods. They ensure a 360 degrees view to all the sides you want. You can adjust the angle as per your wish. If you desire a single bathroom mirror because of less space, this can be an ideal choice for everyone regardless of height.

In the Nutshell

Conventional might argue that bathroom mirrors are nothing but an essential element. However, a modern bathroom mirror changes the overall look of the bathroom. Buy a graceful polished one and let people glare constantly.   



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