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A Comprehensive Guide on Hanging Wall Mirrors

In home decoration, mirrors play a crucial role. They are the right amalgamation of function and style. With the well installation, they give you the right reflection of the things that come in their range and help you make your home look spacious and bigger. It means you need to be more careful while hanging a wall mirror in your living room, dining hall, bedroom, or any eatery with a basin for handwashing. This write-up is a good guide for you if you are looking for ideas on how to hang a mirror on a home wall. The steps are as follows:

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Know the purpose of hanging mirrors 

We do anything for a purpose in our personal or professional life. The same applies behind the placement of a mirror on the wall. Remember for what you are going to install it. The purposes could be – object reflection, look check before outing, home decoration, or a mix of these three purposes. You should make the purpose clear before you get the one for your home. 

Be well aware of the mirror you have bought or are going to buy 

In the contemporary world, mirrors are available in several different shapes, sizes, finishes, colors, and designs. In addition, they come with different hanging accessories such as hooks, cleats, cross brackets, and a single bracket. It means you need to pay attention to hanging accessories, along with the specifications (shape, weight, size, design, finish, etc.) of the mirror you are buying or have purchased. You will have a feel of ease in the mirror placement on your home walls.

Decide the home space where to hang 

Unlike lamps/lights, you can’t install/hang mirrors everywhere. Instead, you need to make it clear which room or wall is right for hanging the mirror. For this, you can keep the purpose, size, shape, and design in mind. Take an example, you want to hang a mirror to watch your face while brushing your teeth. For this purpose, you should hang the mirror wherever you have a basin with a tap in your home. The ideal place could be the balcony or the space around your bathroom/washroom of your home. The other places could be your living room, dining hall, and bedroom. 

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Determine how high you should hang it 

Here, you need to pay attention to the purpose and the size. For example, you are hanging the mirror to check your look before going out of your home.  You should hang the mirror at the height that could facilitate you having a look of your entire body from the toe to the head. In this sense, hanging a full length mirror would be ideal for you. For brushing, you can go with a half length mirror in any shape and hang it at a height of your face. 

Hold the mirror yourself or someone against the wall 

Proper measurement is essential for hanging a wall mirror whether you have it with cross brackets, cleats, hooks, or a single bracket as hanging accessories. Hold it yourself or ask someone in your family to hold it against the wall in the determined home space and height. Use a pencil or light marker to mark the space around the mirror. 

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Drill the space and insert the respective items  

Whether you are hanging the mirror with a hook, bracket, or cleat, you need to make a hole. As per the measurement for the whole space and hanging place made in the mirror, you should make holes in the exact number with the use of a drill machine. After drilling, you can insert the wire, or brackets in the made hole if you are going to hang the mirror with a hook, bracket, or allied accessory. 

Hang the mirror  

Ask someone in your family to hold the mirror as they did earlier. Give support with your hands and push it above so that the made clip/hook/bracket could get into the space. Screw the screws tightly if the mirror has cross brackets or press the mirror down as its hook gets into the made space.    

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