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9 Unique Ideas for Throwing an Enjoyable Preschool Birthday Party for Kids

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A birthday is a very special day for a person. When talking about kids, it is a holiday for them. It is, as their birthday is a completely dedicated day for them. Their birthday celebration includes balloons, feasts, singing, birthday gifts, and game playing.

Birthday Party for Kids

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When it comes to organizing a preschool birthday party for kids, many parents feel uncomfortable. If it is with you, the write-up is a good read for you. The ideas you can follow in your kid’s birthday party planning are as follows:

1. Ensure everything is age-appropriate 

You are throwing a preschool party on your kid’s birthday. So, it should be focused on and around your kid. From guests to activities and feast, make it sure that everything at the party is age-appropriate. Suppose that your kid is 4 years old. Try to keep the number of guests 6, one child for each year and plus two. Follow the same rule in selecting the location, theme, menu, and activities for your kid’s birthday bash. Usually, younger children love being at home. However, you should value what your child prefers – party at home or outside. 

2. Schedule the party time 

Each party, whether it is thrown at home or outside, has a schedule and everything for it is done accordingly. For your kid’s preschool birthday party, you should have a start and ending time. Scheduling the bash and informing the same to the guests will help you and your guests to plan accordingly. In general, a kid’s party is 90 minutes to two hours. 

3. Select the location 

Prefer to throwing the bash at your home. However, you can choose any place with a kid’s party theme in or around your city/town if you feel turning your home as a venue for your child’s birthday party is hard for you. In your search, you can come across many options such as water parks and local gardens with kids’ themes. You need to book such a location in advance for an uninterrupted celebration. 

4. Put all the relevant information on the invitation card

After planning the bash, you should move ahead in preparing the guest list and sending invitations to the guests of your child’s age. From printing to sending invitation cards, you need to be very careful. Try to put all the relevant information on the cards so that your guests with their parents would have no issue in reaching the destination and enjoying the bash. On the card, you should clearly mention venue detail, party time, and planned activities.    

5. Make the party menu child friendly 

In most children’s celebrations, pizza is a must included item. Apart from pizza, you can think of including small sandwiches, bagels, tomato soups, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, fruit shakes, and vegetables in your kid’s preschool birthday bash. These items are easy to cook and favorite of adult guests too. Children don’t eat much, as they are engaged in doing activities all day at a party dedicated to them.

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6. Buy or bake the cake 

No birthday celebration is complete without a cake. And before you move forward doing anything with the cake, interact with your baby to find out what he/she loves to have in the cake. As per your child’s taste and choice, you can consider other options like cupcakes, ice cream sundaes, and big cookies. Based on your choice and convenience, apply the theme in the decoration of the cake with drawings/tiny toys.

7. Set activities for the kid’s party

For having fun, being natural is crucial. However, scheduling everything for the preschool birthday party is the best way you should move ahead. What activities you have planned for the bash, they should be of a short period. Before going to another activity after the end of the first activity, you should keep a 10-15 minute interval. In setting the activities, avoid keeping the one that could make a child wait a lot. You can consider including activities like coloring pages, pasting custom labels & stickers, freeze dance, and book reading. Be sure to have an adult’s support for an activity.

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8. Ensure the entertainment 

Apart from setting activities, you should book someone who could keep kids engaged. You can think of hiring a performer for your kid’s preschool birthday bash. While hiring a performer, you should ask a few questions based on their costume and performance. Getting proper replies will facilitate you hiring the best performer for the bash. Request the performer not to change his/her dress during the party. Changing dresses could make your little guests confused. 

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9. Prepare for the presents 

Birthday gifts are the highlight of a birthday party. Train your kid not to open the gift package just after receiving it. Coach him/her to behave normally if he/she has to open the package during the party and the gift is not a good one for him/her. Well preparation will facilitate the child to remain normal. 


Throwing a preschool birthday party for a kid is a tricky job. You can make it easier for you and enjoyable for little guests with proper planning and execution. Just after planning, you should start working on it to make the bash successful.  

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