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9 Unique Coffee Tables For Living Room That You Will Instantly Fall In Love With

From a scarce piece of furniture in the past to becoming the focal point, the coffee table in living room has covered a long distance. This adorable element lying gorgeously in the centre gazes everyone’s attention. The low setup exclusively designed to enjoy drinks has attained extensive value. Limited designs and styles earlier, there is no dearth of brands providing their best present-day. Even though wood is the most versatile, metal and glass enjoy an equitable reputation. Before you feel that I am trying to oversell the coffee table for living room, let’s dig in the best:

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    1.  Nesting Coffee Table- If you are concerned enough about the space in your living room, invest mindfully in the furnishing that acquires less space yet looks stunning. A stacking or nesting table is one such captivating element. Coming in a pile of two or three, they support each other in symmetry. Mainly designed in marble top and metal support, they give your living room a marvelous transformation. 

    1. Folding Coffee Table- Where everything revolves around sustainability today, why not furniture then? Whether you live in a one BHK rented apartment or a home piled with stuff, the folding table is essential to spruce up your space. You can open it as and when you desire and keep it in the cupboard later on. 
    2. Storage Coffee Table- A home is never short of stuff until we live there. And for the increasing storage needs, you would love to have a coffee table for living room that helps you organize your magazines, favourite readings, remote controls and writing stationery. Although buying this style can dig a hole in your pocket since they are bulky, they remain intact for years to come.  
    3. Marble Coffee Table- The trends in the decor industry often astonish us with their grace and brilliance. Marble coffee table for living room has been prevalent for years now. This elegant piece of furniture looks amazing when adorned beautifully. For added appeal, you can set up a rug on the floor, or a rustic table runner would do the justice.  
    4. Oval Coffee Table- You must have heard of the shapes such as circular, square or rectangular. However, having an oval-shaped coffee table is an ultimate pleasure. Catching gaze over its unusual style, it looks outstanding with large sofa sets. Also, if you bring one with a marble top and polished golden metal support, you are in a win-win situation. Being trendy and functional, it can transform the entire look of your living room.

  1. Glass Coffee Table- This piece of furniture has gained popularity for a long time and yet looks novel. Ideal for compact spaces, they create the illusion of space. The royalty and classiness they confer are unmatchable and unparalleled. If you prefer intricacy over anything, buy the one with glass support only. The sheer look is hard to find with any other conjunction like metal or steel. 
  2. Rustic Coffee Table- Do you want to get a coastal look in your bedroom? This piece of art in the living room provides you with an old school feeling with its traditional look. The style, grace and design match the time-honoured pattern and make your home worth eyeing. For an unordinary match, you can style your decor accordingly. Hanging wall art that complements ethnic vibes can let you have a crowning accomplishment. 
  3. Minimalist Coffee Table- If you detest flamboyance, the minimalistic coffee table for living room is the ideal choice. Providing a sleek look with the leanest legs, a tad of modernity it bestows looks unique. Lying in the centre, it barely acquires any space giving contemporary vibes.
  4. Lift Top Coffee Table- What’s that? Now, don’t think to pack your bags to leave for Nashville. Cutting the comedy aside, it’s one of the most versatile coffee tables for living room ever. Also known as a storage table, it accommodates your stuff wisely. You can keep your books, stationery, and remote controls all lying in it gracefully. It goes back to its shape after you are done lifting your things. 

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After all, is said and done, it’s time to give your space a drastic makeover by placing a coffee table in the centre. You would love to explore the designs on Wallmantra that are not just economical but trendy also.

Have a Happy Home!    

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