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9 Unique Birthday Gifts for Your Close One

A birthday is a very valuable day in a person’s life. When you know your close one’s birthday is round the corner, you start looking for a gift to present him/her on his/her special day. Sometimes, due to the availability of so many birthday gift options, you find it hard to decide which one you should buy and present to close one. To assist you in this regard, here are some suggestions:

1. Tree Canvas Painting

Opt for purchasing and presenting this Tree Forest Canvas Painting to the birthday person if he/she loves trees with leaves of different colours. This painting has trees of black and red colours. The availability of so many trees makes this painting a true resemblance of a forest. By hanging it in the bedroom or living room, your gift recipient can have a feeling of being close to nature without going outside. 

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2. Hexagon Canvas Painting with Motivational Quotes 

Do you want to keep the person motivated all the time? If Yes, think of presenting this Hexagon Canvas Painting with Motivational Quotes. This canvas painting comes with a set of 4 hexagonal canvas paintings and has motivational quotes printed. The quotes like Follow Your Dream, Life is a Beautiful Ride, and Life is a Paint Your Dreams are very impressive. Your recipient will be happy from his/her heart to receive such a present on his/her birthday. 

3. Forest Scenery Canvas Wall Painting 

Have you to present a birthday gift to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or spouse on his/her birthday? It is sure you will be looking for something romantic so that you can express your love, affection, or soft feelings to him/her. Go ahead and shop this Forest Scenery Canvas Wall Painting and request him/her to hang in the area where he/she spends more time while being at home. This painting depicts that a romantic couple is under the umbrella and walking in the forest. While walking, they have held their waists with their hands. Being in the front of this painting, your spouse will surely remember you and want to be with you. 

4. Beautiful Spa Painting with Clock and Floating Frame

No gift will be better than this Beautiful Spa Painting with Clock and Floating Frame for your close person if you want to present a multipurpose item to him/her on his/her birthday. The recipient will be happy to get such a multipurpose gift item from you on his/her birthday. Due to the availability with a clock and floating frame, this present will enable the person to keep his/her time, have a calming effect, and a spa-like feeling. 

5. Ballerina Ballet Dancer Canvas Painting

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Does the birthday girl whom you have to present a gift love dancing or a dance pose? If yes, opt for buying and presenting Ballerina Ballet Dancer Canvas Painting for your girlfriend or wife. This painting comes with a set of 5 framed pieces and contains 3 girls posing a single dance oppose that could be inspiring for her. It can encourage her to start her dancing again if she has left dancing.

6. World Map Painting 

Is the birthday boy or girl studying at a school, college, or university? Does he/she need something that could help him/her enhance his/her geography knowledge? If your answer is Yes to the two questions mentioned above, opt for buying and presenting a World Map Painting. Available in five framed pieces, this painting is an ideal wall art to be hung in a study room, dining hall, living room, office, or bedroom. The recipient will thank you from his/her heart for such a valuable aid to his/her study. 

7. Guru Gobind Singh Wall Painting 

Is your close one fond of Guru Gobind Singh? If yes, it is sure the person will love to have many things associated with Guru Gobind Singh. Opt for buying and presenting a Guru Gobind Singh Wall Painting to him/her. The painting is available in 4 wooden framed pieces and has a bird in Guru Gobind Singh’s hand that could reflect his/her love for the bird.

8. Rajasthani Folk Village Women Canvas Painting 

No present will be as good as this Rajasthani Folk Village Women Canvas Painting for a birthday person if he/she has a sickness to Rajasthani Art and painting. Available in four wooden frames, this painting depicts two women sitting with earthen pots and clearly explains the life of women in villages. 

9. Circle Shape Wood Wall Shelf 

Have you come to know your close one needs home organizing items? If yes, think of presenting wall shelves like Circle Shape Wood Wall Shelf to him/her on his/her birthday. This set has 5 circle shape wall shelves that the recipient can easily hang from his/her living room or bedroom wall and place things like books and show pieces on the same.


The write-up has given only a clue on 9 different birthday gift items that you can buy and present to your close one on his/her special day as per your relation with him/her. Based on your choice and the recipient’s needs, you can find other items to present as a birthday gift.            

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