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9 Practical Ways to Improve Vastu of Your Existing Home

Vastu/Vaastu refers to a house. It is a science, which teaches us how to arrange all the five elements in absolute harmony. The elements are earth, fire, water, sky, and air. As per experts’ advice, the primary principle of this science is adding values to a human’s life. Each Vastu guideline consists of a scientific reason and makes a human’s life convenient and organized. Whether you believe in Vastu Shastra or not, it impacts your life. With a few changes in your home decoration, you can bring peace to your life. Here are some useful steps that could help you get rid of Vastu dosha and bring positive energies into your home:

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1. Start with your primary entrance

Do you face an empty wall after entering your home? If yes, get rid of the empty wall by hanging a Ganesha Painting from it or place a statue of Lord Ganesha at the main entrance of your abode. You should do it, as the empty walls represent loneliness. Hanging a Ganesha Painting or placing a Ganesha statue can help you conceal it. 

2. Improve the impact of a home placed in the wrong direction 

In the contemporary world, most people buy homes ready to move in. Some of you are in-hurry and so, forget to explore a few things related to Home Vastu. After the purchase, you find out that your home is placed in the wrong direction. In this case, you should hang a picture, poster, or painting of Panchmukhi Hanuman in the south-west direction. Keep the painting face in this direction. 

3. Enhance family bond with a family photo set 

In today’s world, some families have issues. There is a lack of bond among family members. As the head of your family, you make efforts to improve the bond. Think of taking Vastu help here. Hanging a family photo set or a photo in the south-west direction could be helpful for you in this regard. Besides, you can think of placing a sunflower painting to increase the bond among your family members. 

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4. Improve social relations with sunrise pictures/paintings 

Some of us have no good relationship with our neighbors. Keep in mind neighbors are the ones who will come first to help you in bad times. Your relatives, friends, or other known persons will take time to reach you if they live away from residence. You should think of enhancing your social relations. In this, Vastu tips can help you. Hang a sunrise painting or place a picture of the rising sun in the east direction. 

5. Enhance your kid’s learning with the right placement of study table

We love our kids and are always ready to keep them happy. From foods to care and study, you take each step very carefully. When your kid starts learning things at home/school, you want that your child would learn things quickly. A little change in your kid’s study can help you attain this goal. Consider placing your kid’s study table in the east direction.

6. Keep your bedroom free from clutters

For better sleep and positive energy, you should keep useless items away from your bedroom. In making it free from clutters, you should focus the space under your bed. Take the useless things away from there. You should do it to keep yourself away from the past and facilitate progress in your life. 

7. Place a single mattress on the bed for a healthy marital life

Mattresses affect your sleeping and marital life as well. Your mattress should be soft enough to feel comfortable. For a healthy marital life, you should place only one mattress on the bed. As a husband, you should ask your wife to sleep with you on your left.   

8. Use natural green plants to bring positivity and brightness 

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Being positive is essential for your growth and success. To brighten up your home and bring positive energy into it, you should value the placement of a few potted green plants inside your home. You can use a few planters for having natural greenery. Further, you can light natural candles.

9. Avoid sleeping in the sharp corners 

For a better personal as well professional life, good sleep is crucial for you. Good sleep means you feel refreshed after leaving your bed in the morning. For this, you should avoid sleeping in any direction, especially the one with a sharp corner. You know sharp corners draw negative energies and cause stress in your life.


Vaastu directly or indirectly leaves impacts on your life. For a successful and peaceful life, you should have a Vastu proof home. By applying the tips mentioned above, you can get rid of Vastu dosha from your existing home and make your life happier. Happy Living in Your Sweet Home. 

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