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9 Innovative Renovation Ideas for Your Office

Like homes, an office needs a little makeover after a few years. Whether you execute a few repairs, a complete facelift/makeover, or minor changes, you need ideas on how to execute out the renovation work of your office. Here are some clever office renovation ideas that could be very useful for you: 

1. Shop for and install a few wall art pieces


Many people don’t give value to the walls of their offices. However, you can have textures, harmonious, and distinct office walls by hanging carefully crafted and well-designed wall arts such as office wall paintings, set of framed paintings, stickers, and murals. As per your taste and need, you can go for a wall art piece with a natural, religious, and motivational theme. For branding your business, you can get your company logo printed on the wall art pieces before hanging them on your office walls. 

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2. Use light as art 

For having an enchanting work environment in your office, you should go with the maximization of natural lights. Many studies have shown that the employees who get a lot of natural light are more productive in comparison to those who work under artificial light all time. As per studies, natural light helps reduce the use of energy, lower stress level, and minimize illnesses. By using your creative mind, you can use natural lighting as art. With its usage, you can make interactive sculptures and statement pieces. For this, you can use the items such as wall mirrors that you help you reflect natural light. 

3. Bring in small to mid plants to boost productivity


Several research findings state that nature enhances workers’ efficiency and boosts productivity. By bringing plants inside your office/workplace, you will beautify the space, give a personal touch to it, and make the workplace inviting by purifying indoor air. In your office plantation, you should plant the plants that require low care and maintenance. For example, you can select snake plants, sago palms, orchids, spider plants, and zz plants that grow well without direct sunlight and frequent watering. 

4. Integrate open-plan workspaces in your office 

In the contemporary world, offices with open plans are getting more popular as they fulfill the demand of enhanced communication and collaboration between employees. In spite of a few criticisms on employee productivity, open plan offices (if implemented well) will facilitate you to have the right balance between privacy and openness. For this, you can install half partitions that will allow your staff to communicate and collaborate while standing. You can also opt for the office partitions or frosted partitions with decorative films. 

5. Have a flexible workspace 

Many businesses have realized that an office with multiple workspaces helps employees boost their performance in what they do. With diverse spaces, employees have break rooms, idea rooms, meeting rooms, and separate workstations that allow them to execute out relevant tasks more conveniently and fast. With proper designing and idea implementation, you can provide a flexible workspace to each one working with you for the growth of your company/business.

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6. Remove whiteboards and install chalkboards 

With the expansion of your business and employee strength, you need a larger and more stylish option in comparison with a regular whiteboard. You can go with the installation of a modern chalkboard that is available with a peculiar character. With it, you have a more creative option than the regular whiteboard that facilitates you in brainstorming and meeting sessions. You can install it in a part of your office meeting room or over your employees’ workstations for jotting down notes and scribbling ideas. The use of a modern chalkboard will reduce your dependency on sticky notes, provide a visual appeal, and reduce paper wastage.

7. Change or repair your office furniture 

Whether you are renovating your office partially or completely, you shouldn’t ignore your office furniture such as desks and chairs. Have a close look at each furniture piece to know the current status and replace them if they are highly uncomfortable or repair them if they have slight tears & wear.

8. Change your flooring

Constant simple floors are dull and make an enclosed space boring. In your office renovation, you should pay attention to the floor. If possible, install eco-friendly or nature-themed tiles on the floor of your office. Such flooring options help you make your office space appealing. 

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9. Paint the walls and ceilings with bold colors 

Painting a premise is the easiest and cheapest way to renovate it. With the use of the right colors or the combination of colors, you can make your office space look vibrant and appealing. Opt for coating different walls with different colored paints. For example, paint another wall with a yellow colored paint if you have painted a wall with a red colored paint. 


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