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9 Ingenious Living Room Lighting Ideas for You

In general, a living room is the largest part of a home. It is an activity hub where a lot of activities take place from the morning to the night until everyone gets in their bedroom everyday. So, it is crucial for you to ensure that your living space is well lit to support you in all your activities such as gathering with family members, reading a book, watching a television program, and relaxing.

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Here are a few living room lighting ideas for your assistance: 

1. Embellish the ceiling with a few hanging lights 

Usually, we go for general lighting to lighten up a home space. Keep in mind your living room is the center of your home. Here, you spend quality time with family members, entertain yourself, and meet the known/unknown people who come to see you. So, you should be a little different while lighting it up. You can think of installing a few decorative hanging lights from the ceiling of your living space. In your search, you can come across many options in shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

2. Highlight an area/object on the floor with a floor lamp 

Sometimes, general light is not enough, especially when you want to draw the attention of your home visitors to the valuable items placed on the floor or a little above it. In this situation, you should go beyond your general light bulb hung on the wall/from the ceiling and place a floor lamp around the object you are willing to highlight. On the market (online or offline), you can come across floor lamps with a floral, leaf, triangle, or honeycomb design. 

3. Create a spot at your sofa/chair lavel 

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These days, we have different wishes to expose our love for lighting solutions, artwork, and allied things. When you place art pieces at different levels in your living room, you have a desire to make them exposed to the people who come to see you. If you have placed an art piece at a sofa height level, you need a table and place a decorative lamp on it. Shop for the most suitable table lamp and place it on a table there. You can with such a lamp having a floral, geometric, Christmas, and leaf design. 

4. Think of monoccon lantern

You don’t have a Moroccan-style interior to include a dreamy perforated metal Moroccan lantern into your front room . Polish designer Mirka McNeill hung a Moroccan lantern within the front room of her London home, which adds a note of caprice to the eclectic decor and casts magical shadows when lit up within the center of the space . 

5. Have a mix of old and new lighting solutions 

An antique chandelier or vintage sconces can warm up an up-to-date front room , and contemporary lighting design can keep an area with historic bones feeling current. during this lovely London period home, designer Charles Mellersh chose warm contemporary lighting just like the Ball Light Wall Brackets in polished brass from Michael Anastassiades persisted either side of the fireside mantel rather than the formal sconces you would possibly expect to offer the classic room a timeless appeal. Additional lighting including an overhead fixture and standing lamp in brass allow you to use different shapes while maintaining a harmonious feel.

6. Go with colorful light 

This saturated raspberry pink living room by Lisa Gilmore Design is all the more atmospheric in the evening thanks to a pair of wall sconces with shades in a similar tone. Positioned directly over the seating area, they provide soft, indirect flattering light and add depth to the wall color without looking too busy so the focus stays on the wall color and the art. 

7. Opt for sculptural lights 

The classic proportions and bones of this front room is given an edgy contemporary update with a sculptural LED overhead light hung within the center of the ceiling. Standing globe light floor lamps from Michael Annastassiades evenly scattered round the room balance the sunshine and make a warm glowing presence that creates the space feel inviting.

8. Let natural light come in 

If your front room has giant windows, consider choosing fixtures that do not interfere with the natural daylight, sort of a classic crystal chandelier. For an airy, uncluttered look, try table lamps with clear glass or plastic forms, just like the Bourgie light from Kartell or the Transloetje lamp that comes in multiple reminder transparent tinted glass by Fatboy.

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9. Consider recessed lights 

In today’s world, we have a stair in our living room. It actually facilitates us to go on the first floor and other floors if we have a multistory home. As it falls in your living room, so you should adorn it. And for this, recessed lights are a great option for you. Install these lights from the first stair to the one at the top floor. Such lighting makes your living space look appealing after sunset.        

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