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9 Cool And Unique Designer Wall Clocks You Can Buy Right Now

Some people state that standard wall clocks are out of fashion in the contemporary world. They say this, as we come across a cell phone or computer screen that displays time clearly. As per their argument, there is no need for a wall clock for displaying time at home or commercial setup. Some of you don’t agree with it, because you think clocks are a decorative piece, along with being a timepiece. And when it comes to decorating a space, you love including designer wall clocks in your list of home décor items. Here are some cool clocks that you can buy now:

1. Clock Text Shape Wooden Wall Clock 

This timepiece is an ideal choice for you. As per the name, it has a written text Clock, and the letter O of this text contains the timepiece. It has been designed and made using premium quality medium density fibreboard wood and sophisticated laser cutting technique. This black wooden wall clock has white numbers and dots to display minutes and hours on a day. Its high-grade matt finish keeps it shining for a more extended period.

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2. Numbers Shape Black Wooden Wall Clock 

Do you want to have a balanced combination of black and white colours in a wall clock for your home? If yes, this Numbers Shape Black Wooden Wall Clock is the perfect decorative or gift item for you. The base of this decorative wall clock is black while the number names (1-12) and minute & hour hands are white. Designed and made using premium quality medium density fibreboard wood, this designer wall clock comes with all the requisite items such as hooks and a 1AA battery to facilitate instant installation. 

3. Tree Shape Wooden Wall Clock 

Expose your love for birds sitting in a tree with this Tree Shape Wooden Wall Clock. This designer wall clock is brown and has yellow minute & hour hands. The numbers (for time display) 12 and 6 are engraved on the truck and the rest numbers are engraved on the branches. It has a bird sitting on a branch. 

4. Peaceful Buddha Canvas Printed Decorative Wall Clock with Floating Frame

If you want two things such as a painting and a clock in a single item, this designer wall clock is a right choice for you. It has the printed image of Peaceful Buddha on superior quality gloss canvas and printed Roman numbers. The entire printed image is stretched on the wooden frame. This wooden clock is available with a 1AA battery and requisite hanging tools to cover an area of 16 inch x 12 inch on a space wall.

5. Earth Design Dual Layer Wooden Wall Clock

This designer wall clock is a great choice for you if you want to show off your love for the earth you live on through a timepiece. It has a design of the earth, which is made of high-grade birch wood, and the clock design in the middle. After the installation, this wooden timepiece will cover an area of 33cm x 33cm on your space wall. 

6. Apple Design Black Wooden Wall Clock

Willing to show off your love for apples or motivate your close one to stay healthy (eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away)? Go with the purchase of this Apple Design Black wooden Wall Clock. The apple design has been done on the 5-7 mm thick MDF wood with the help of laser cut technique. Painted using supreme quality black paint, this designer wall clock could make a space wall (with any background colour) look attractive. 

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7. Roman Number Dual Layer Decorative Pendulum Wall Clock 

With an excellent amalgamation of brown and white colours, this MDF wood made designer clock is the perfect option to adorn a space or present a close one on a special day. Available with all the requisite hanging items, this wooden timepiece is easy to hang from a space wall.

8. Beautiful Heart Design Red Wooden Wall Clock 

It is a great timepiece to decorate a space for spreading love among family members and friends. Further, it could be used as a romantic gift item to express soft feelings for an individual whom you love a lot and wish to spend your rest of your life with.

9. Jesus with Cross Dual Layer Wooden Wall Clock 

Show off your faith in Christianity and display time with a single item, Jesus with Cross Dual Layer Wooden Wall Clock. It is designed and made using sophisticated tools and birch/MDF wood. Due to fine finish and high-grade paint usage, this designer wall clock can beautify any space at home/business setup, along with time display.


The designer wall clocks mentioned above are only for giving information. At WallMantra.ocm, you can buy other wooden and decorative clocks in addition to the one mentioned above. 

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