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7 Simple Steps to Hang Decorative Plates for Your Home Walls

In our homes, we try not to leave room walls empty. We hang several pieces such as paintings, shelves, clocks, and plates to make our home spaces look attractive and appealing. When it comes to hanging decorative wall plates on the wall, many of you have issues due to varied shapes, weights, and sizes. If you are determined to make your home spaces look eye-catchy by hanging decorative plates, this write-up is a good read for you.

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The steps to hang decorative plates on home walls are as follows:

1. Measure the designated wall 

First of all, you should measure the wall space with a measuring tape. After that, arrange all the decorative wall plates on the floor of the particular room. Marking the entire space from the central point with a tape or pencil will be beneficial for you. This is the space where you will install the first wall plate to adorn your living room, dining hall, or bedroom.   

2. Take a measurement of your wall plate arrangement

Spread a clean, long paper piece on the floor in the designated room. Place all the decorative plates, you have, on the paper with proper gap in your desired position with your tape boundaries. Adjust the plate arrangement until you are happy with it. After the arrangement of wall decorative plates, measure the distance between the top of every plate and the lowest point of the one. After that, you can mark these arrangements on the wall. 

3. Build the templates of all your decorative plates

Take a few separate paper pieces as per the number of wall decorative plates you have. Place a plate on a paper piece and make a draw around the plate on the paper piece. Do the same for all your plates. Take a plate template and place it against the wall. Further, mark the position with a pencil or light marker. Repeat the same for all the plates you have to hang on the wall. 

4. Clean all decorative plates

Before you start hanging the plates on the wall one-by-one, you should clean them. From the back to the front, clean all round the plates with a soft and clean cloth piece. In or after the cleaning process, ensure that there are no fingerprints or other marks on the plates. 

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5. Get ready for hanging the decorative plates 

Apply water to the back of each decorative plate and rub its surface with your fingers for around 10 minutes. Attach the plate hanger accessories to the back-central side of each plate and leave them for 24 hours for having a strong bond. After that, find the central point for every plate on the wall with the previously recorded measurements. 

6. Hang all your decorative plates with command strips

Hanging your decorative wall plates with the use of command strips means you do not need screws or nails. Further, you can easily rearrange or remove all your decorative plates without having any damage to your room wall. Keep in mind that command strips will work when your plates have a hole to enable you attaching the hook with the string thread. Opt for hanging your decorative plates with screws if they don’t have holes to support string threaded hooks. 

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7. How to hang plates with plate hangers 

Usually, plate hangers contain a clasp at the plate back that you use to hang over a nail. Further, they get attached to the plates in 3-4 places on the back. In the hanging process, you have to ensure that the nail has gotten into the wall firmly and the hangers you have chosen are of the right size. Avoid buying the hangers too small or too large to ensure the right fit.    

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