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7 Secretes To Make Your Wedding Reception More Memorable

After your wedding, reception is the most important event in your life. And most of you (newly married couples) wish to hear from their guests saying that it is the best wedding reception they have ever had. For making your post-marriage bash unique, you try your best and take every possible effort. Here are some reception planning tips that are truly helpful and unique:

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1. Choose a different venue

Thinking out of the box when you find going outside for organizing your wedding reception traditionally is hard for you. With this, you will make your post-marriage bash a unique one. Here are some location options that you can consider for your wedding reception venue:

  • Art galleries 
  • Mid-mountain ski lodges 
  • Group campgrounds 
  • Summer camps
  • parks/playgrounds
  • Small amusement parks  

2. Decorate and light the venue

Decoration and lighting is synonymous with each other. While decorating the venue, you should value the personalization of it. And for personalizing the venue, you can use stickers and labels to make things such as furniture and water bottles. In lighting the space, you should work with all types of lights – general, ambient, and task. And for this, use ceiling lights, wall lamps, floor lamps, and spotlights. 

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3. Give welcome bags

On your wedding reception day, it is not possible for you to be at the main entrance and welcome all the guests. So, you should think of doing something different to make them have a personalized welcome. Appoint a person to greet your guests and handover welcome bags with a custom message as they enter the venue. In those bags, you can place weatherproof essentials, hangover helpers, and snacks.

4. Plan to make your guests get shocked 

As you have invited your guests to your wedding reception, so you have entered into a married life or you are married is not a surprise for anyone. You can do different things to surprise your guests. At the entrance, you can burst news on having a secret tent for a themed shot. In addition, you can arrange old-fashioned games. 

5. Set the mood with color 

Wish to have more lively energy at your marriage reception? Think of having a colorful décor. For creating a beautiful palette into your post-wedding bash, you can use numerous items to work on. Tablecloths, linen napkins, flowers with custom labels at the center, candle colors, etc. can help you to add extra flair to the bash.

6. Play the music that encourage everyone to get into the mood and start dancing 

You can plan a playlist to be played on your post-marriage bash. In the playlist, include the music that could make each of your guests feel pleased. You can think of hiring a band or a DJ for this. The music that would be played should be the one no one can stop oneself from being on the stage.  

7. Refuel your guests with light snacks and drinks

Keep in mind one requires energy for enjoying a bash to the fullest. For your guests, you can keep snacks and drinks ready. Allow your guests to take their favorite drinks and snacks whenever they need energy. You can keep pizza, French fries, burgers, and sliders as snacks for your reception invitees. 

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Making a reception more memorable and successful depends on how you plan and execute it. The ideas mentioned above are only for giving you the basic information and support. You can use your mind and other ideas that can facilitate you to bring your dream of throwing an unforgettable reception come true. 

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