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7 Easy Steps To Plan Your Pilgrimage

In the contemporary world, every religion has a few sacred places. Some of those places are considered as the holiest place on earth. For example, Mecca & Medina are the holiest place for Muslims, Rome is for Christians, and Kedarnath and allied places are for Hindus. A strong follower of Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, or Buddhism wants to visit a respective sacred place.

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If you are one of strong followers of a religious belief such as Hinduism and Christianity, you will surely love visiting the most sacred place. Here are a few steps to plan your pilgrimage: 

1. Decide the right destination

Making it clear where you want to go is the first step towards planning your pilgrimage. Usually, most people think of visiting the most sacred place of their respective religion. For you, going on pilgrimage might be visiting as many sites you can do or a particular one. In your pilgrimage planning, you have to make it clear whether you want to see a particular site or many and why you are including those destinations. You should also decide what makes a particular destination significant for your religious journey. 

2. Determine the time carefully 

After deciding the destination, you should schedule your journey. You would have limited time for your trip, and so, scheduling the time for visiting the determined sites is also crucial for you. Schedule your time for your pilgrimage off-season (usually winter) or shoulder season (typically autumn and spring if you want to be at pilgrimage sites with less tourists. It will facilitate you to have more space and experience a memorable trip. Further, it will help you make your pilgrim journey more affordable for you. But, you shouldn’t ignore the weather conditions. Too cold or rainy days can enhance the challenge risks in your journey. 

3. Think of the purpose of your pilgrimage 

Before you start your spiritual journey, pilgrimage, knowing what’s the significance or what encourages you to go out on it. You could have many reasons and some of them would be common while some would be unique. For being clear on the purpose of your pilgrimage, you should find answers to queries on body/soul healing, architecture of a particular religious structure, the connection with God, etc. Being acquainted with the exact reason for your pilgrimage will facilitate you in making your plan.     

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4. Make a list of your companions 

You need a companion for a trip whether it is a business, holiday, or spiritual one. For a pilgrimage, your companion could be your best friend, a mentor, or a family member. The companion is the one with whom you can share the importance of your pilgrimage and the reasons behind it. Further, you will get/provide the required assistance that will make your journey successful. With him/her, holding your prayers and visiting the determined holy sites becomes more comfortable for you. So, make a list of people whom you want to be on the board of your pilgrimage. 

5. Keep the practices and rituals in mind

Every religion has its own practices and rituals. As a follower, you have to follow the respective religious rituals and practices when you are at a holy site. While being on your pilgrimage, having regular rhythms of spiritual practice is crucial for you and it helps you recall your quest and come back to the presence of the Divine. Similarly, planned religious rituals in your pilgrimage (such as walking around the sacred place in a circle) can help you to have deeper awareness. Further, you might come across the practices and rituals you were unaware of. 

6. Value packaging before the actual journey 

Usually, pilgrims have the things that they love to carry with them along the road to their determined destination. In the current world, we have many conveniences to facilitate our journeys such as multiple means of transportations. However, going on pilgrimage with the light luggage facilitates you. For your journey to a religious place, you should keep only the essential items with you. You can consult a mentor to know what you should carry with you for a particular pilgrimage. 

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7. Have a space 

For a materialistic person, returning to everyday life after a pilgrimage is valuable. The phase could be challenging for some of you. So, you should make yourself ready for your return to your normal life after transition. Keep a gap between your transitions from a spiritual journey to normal life. During this period, you can relax and spend time unpacking your luggage.

For some of you, going on a pilgrimage is an expensive matter and so, you suppress your desire. In such a case, you can hang pilgrimage places paintings. With the right choice, you can feed your religious hunger of going on a pilgrimage.    

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