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7 Easy Steps to Choose the Best Wall Hangings

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For embellishing your home, you have numerous options as decorative products. And wall hangings are one of them. As you decide to use wall hangings for your home decoration, some of you get overwhelmed with so many options. And this availability makes your selection and purchase difficult for you. Here are some simple steps that can help you make your wall hanging selection and shopping more comfortable for you:

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 Be clear about the place you want to adorn

In your home, you have a hallway, bathrooms, bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. Usually, most of you embellish your living room. However, you can consider other places in your home that you wish to beautify. Determining the place will help you selecting a hanging for your home.

 Decide what wall art/hanging you want to hang

When you google wall hanging/s, you will have numerous item names/images on your screen. The products could be paintings, wall frames, shelves, aquariums, clocks, planters, mirrors, photo frames, etc. Here you have to make it clear what item you should go with. As per your wish, you choose to hang a painting, clock, or mirror.

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 Know the materials used

A product is made of a few materials. For example, take a painting. It is drawn on canvas fabric with hands or high-definition photo print technology. Handmade paintings are made of canvas using brushes, colors, and pigments. On the other hand, printed paintings use only canvas fabrics and a photo printing machine. Suppose that you decide to place a wooden wall hanging. You need to know the type and quality of the used wood.   

 Select a theme

Wooden hangings are available with several different themes. The themes could be nature, religion, animal, human, bird, floral, greeting, text, and love/romance. In the selection of a hanging theme, you should keep the determined place and theme of your home decoration in mind. Suppose that you have selected a wall of your dining hall/kitchen. You should avoid selecting a spiritual hanging. For your bedroom, you can go with a romantic wooden hanging.

 Pick a wooden hanging of the right shape

Wooden hangings are available in several different shapes. In your search on Google or an ecommerce website such as WallMantra.com, you can find a wooden hanging with a tree, bird, animal, leaf, diamond, or a heart shape. Be careful in selecting a hanging shape. You can give priority to your wish, choice, and taste.

 Choose the correct size

Wall art pieces are available in many shapes – small, medium, and big/large. Always stay away from selecting a too-small or too-big hanging. To select the best one, keep the room size and the determined wall space in mind. Go with the one that could help you enhance the look of your selected home space.

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 Don’t forget color

Your search for the ideal wall hanging design and color, you can come across numerous options. The available colour choices could be black, red, orange, brown, green, yellow, and blue with a light or dark shade. Whatever the colour you choose for a hanging, it should be in accordance with the colour of your room wall. For a light-coloured wall, opt for a colour with a dark shade.


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