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7 Clever Ideas to Style Your Home Office for Better Productivity

Around more than a year ago, people in a limited number did WFH (work from home) or remote work/freelancing. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which started in December 2019, the entire world was forced to close offices/companies, and the people were asked to stay home and do their work from home. Even today, the working situation and life are not normal as we had before March 2020. People in a large number across the globe are working from their homes. 

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Working from home brings several challenges and distractions to people like you. Most of you have faced issues with your productivity and many of you are asking How do I improve my productivity while working from home even in the current world. You can enjoy reading this write-up, as it has explained the ideas that could facilitate you to style your home office for better productivity. The ideas are as follows:

1. Determine a space and always use it for executing your office work

Like your workplace in the office, you must have a designated place to execute your office work. Working from your bedroom or living room could be very challenging for you and your productivity level can go down. You should choose a room or corner that has no/less traffic or is not used by anyone of your family members. If you do not have a spare room, you can request your family members not to distract you during your working hours. 

2. Incorporate nature into your designated workplace


Several studies have shown that the people who are close to nature are more productive in comparison to those who have no access to plants and other natural things. As per the results of those studies, sunlight and plants boost human’s mood naturally and enhance productivity. Remove the curtains from the doors/windows of your designated place and let the rays of the sun/natural light come inside it. Further, place a few potted plants with low maintenance needs there. You can install nature-themed art pieces such as paintings and decorative wall plates for having a nature-friendly atmosphere in your home office area.

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3. Ensure to have comfortable seating 

In your office, you have a desk, a chair, and allied things at your designated workplace. Those furniture pieces are designed and made to provide the required comfort to you and make you feel relaxed. As a result, you give your best. Similarly, you should think of styling your home office. In your home office design, pay more attention to having comfortable seating. For this, you can keep the temperature comfortable, place an ergonomic chair, and keep the desk height optimal for you. 

4. Keep the things organized 

An optimized workplace facilitates you to do your work easily. You can easily find out the files, accessories, and allied things if you keep your home office organized. In the designated home office area, you can place wall shelves to keep things organized. On the installed one, you can mark each part for the associated documents and files. And you will have to ensure that you are placing the things/files/documents back at their predetermined places on the shelves. 

5. Be careful in color selection

Keep in mind that remote working or work from home is going to last for a more extended period. So, you should make your home office more supportive to you. Blue color can facilitate you to enhance your concentration and make you feel more relaxed as per a few recent studies. So, you should maximize the incorporation of the hues of blue into the home office design. You can select the blue decorative items, paint all the walls blue, or add a blue accent to the designated space for having calming effects. 

6. Ensure better lighting 

Light, whether it is natural or artificial, is interconnected with your productivity. Enough light facilitates you to do what you are doing and makes your eyes have no strain, which is caused by low light or darkness. So, ensure that your designated workplace in your home office has abundant light. Don’t hesitate to install a desk/table lamp if you find wall/ceiling lights are not facilitating you in your work. 

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7. Hang a clock on the wall to monitor your 

Working in your designated home offices doesn’t mean you are dedicated to your employer or professional life 24 hours a day. There should be an ideal gap between your work and personal life. Apart from working for your employer, you need breaks for drinking water, having your lunch, taking tea/coffee, and taking a rest between work. You can do it by scheduling everything during your working hours. And a wall clock can help you remember your breaks, along with your working hours.         

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