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7 Clever Ideas to Embellish a Small Bedroom

Do you have a small bedroom and want to adorn it? Of course, you want to decorate your small bedroom. It must be comfortable and cozy, as you spend a lot of time here taking a rest. Even if it is small, you can transform it as the best spot in your home by following the mentioned ideas. The ideas to embellish a small bedroom are as follows:

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1. Select a happy palette 

Consider having a palette of washed-out or white neutrals? No, don’t think of it. Throw such an idea out if it comes into your mind. On the right use, color can help you create a focal point in your bedroom that could distract you from its size. You can visually enlarge the space that can make a person’s eyes moving all around it, your bedroom. Get in touch with an expert if you find yourself unable on the right use of colors.

2. Use bright accents 

For a classic color scheme for your bedroom, you can mix white and soft sky blue. This mixing up works in a room of any size, as it is crisp, clean, and serene. Yours or your spouse’s eyes wish to move around your bedroom if you add the splashes or bright orange and red to this mix. The soft blue walls with the white curtains bring an airy and light feeling while the bright pattern on your bed draws your eyes. 

3. Hang artwork on the walls 

Usually, empty/bare walls make a room dull and represent loneliness that could make you think a lot about having a small bedroom. However, hanging artwork pieces such as photo frames, murals, round canvas paintings, or wooden hangings can help you get rid of emptiness and make the space look appealing. Whatever wall art you hang on your bedroom, ensure that it matches with your choice and taste for artwork and your home decoration theme. 

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4. Do something unique

Whether you are placing/rearranging your bed, side table, dressing table, curtains, or blinds, try to do something unique that could help you create a focal point in your bedroom. Suppose that you are keeping the bed head against a wall. Try to highlight the part with wallpaper or stickers to make it eye-catchy. Ensure to have everything (from bed to bed sheet and curtains) matched with the wall color. 

5. Work on lighting 

Generally, a dark room is good for sleeping/taking a rest. However, you should think about the wake hours you spend there. In those hours, you could be reading your favorite book, romancing with your spouse, or dressing up yourself. For those hours, you need proper light that couldn’t be fulfilled only with a ceiling or wall lamp. You should have side lamps, floor lamps, and hanging lights, apart from the ceiling/wall lamp for proper lighting.

6. Keep it organized 

Clutters make a room/home space look dirty and destroy its look. When you think of embellishing your bedroom, consider organizing it first of all. In your bedroom, you have numerous items, from blankets and bed sheets to pillows, dresses, and allied accessories to facilitate you in your rest/sleep/romance. Whatever you have in your bedroom, ensure everything is at its proper place. And for this, you can replace your bed with the new one having storage, think of having an in-built wall storage instead of a wardrobe, and install shelves on the wall to save space in your bedroom.

7. Create an illusion of space

The paint that you coat on the walls or ceiling of your bedroom is an ideal solution for many bedroom decorating problems. Apart from making a space inviting, a splash of color brings new energies to it. You can use an amalgamation of colors to create borders that could help you make it seem bigger. Further, hang a decorative mirror on the opposite wall of your bedroom doors. With this, you will get a reflection that could create an illusion and make your room look spacious. 

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It’s you who know the room well. So, no one without having a look at it could say that particular bedroom decoration ideas would work for you. Get in touch with an experienced interior designer to avail useful advice if you think the ideas to embellish a small bedroom mentioned in the write-up are not suitable for you.   

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