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7 Bedroom Décor Ideas for A Country Home

A bedroom actually belongs to the person who lives, sleeps, and takes rest there. It is your personal entryway to a sanctuary, which symbolizes and reflects your favorite colors, collections, feelings, and style. As you differ from others, it could be different from other parts of your home. However, it requires specific attention from your side. If you want to stay connected to your roots, you can adorn your bedroom again to make it a part of a country home.


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Here are a few bedroom décor ideas for your assistance: 

1. Pay more attention to walls while decorating your bedroom 

First of all, you should pay attention to your bedroom walls. It is an essential step for you if you don’t want to get up in a plain white box. For decorating your walls, you can select a neutral color pattern. The best thing you can do is picking up the subtle patterns that have a refined appearance. The pattern could be nature-themed wallpapers with a soothing sage, romantic paintings, religious hangings, or beautiful photo frames with images of both of you. 

2. Use luxury linens 

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In the next step of outfitting your bedroom, you should cover it in luxurious and beautiful fabrics. These fabrics are one of the home decor products that can help you to add comfort, sensual feel,  and softness. You can make linens to work better with numerous throw pillows, layers of plus materials, and neutral color palette. Whether you want to cover side tables, windows, doors, and chairs, ensure their covers have soft and sensual fabrics. As per your choice, you can go with silk draperies, bed canopy, and carpets with silk covers. 

3. Bring some greenery in your bedroom 

Whether you believe or not, placing/hanging a few potted plants on the floor/wall is one of the best home decorating ideas. You should value it, especially when you want to have a look of a country home. Shop for a few ceramic/earthen/plastic/metallic pots, planters, and low maintenance houseplants to create a small garden in your bedroom. With it, you will purify indoor air and enhance the ambiance of your bedroom. 

4. Create a gallery on your bedroom wall 

It’s your bedroom where you spend your time by romancing with your partner, sleeping at night, and taking a nap during the day. So, you should make it romantic, calm, or peaceful as per your choice. You can hang a few romantic paintings or photo frames containing the images of both of you. With such hangings, you can feel a connection with your partner whenever he/she is not with you on the bed.

5. Install a bedside lamp

Willing to create a new atmosphere in your bedroom? If yes, opt for installing bedside lamps. Apart from the wall/ceiling lights, you must have a bedside or floor lamp. While selecting such one, you can focus on its design, pattern, shape, and size. You can go with a floral floor lamp if you wish to have a feeling of freshness. Go with a candle lamp for a calming effect. 

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6. Have a few eclectic elements

Even if your bedroom is your personal space, you should have a perfect setting to show off your unique sensibilities. You can use Indian handcraft pieces in decorating your personal space at home, especially if it is a county home or you want to have a look of a country home. From furnishing to show pieces, you will have numerous options in this regard. 

7. Place a bouquet with fresh flowers  

Keep in mind that you would get romantic or fall asleep soon when you are in a good mood or you feel refreshed. Nothing is better than fresh flowers. Whether you have a garden in your backyard or not, ensure that the flowers placed in the bouquet are fresh all the time.  

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