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6 Things You Should Know Before Designing A Home Bar

A home bar is an important spot when it comes to unwinding or socializing after a long day at the office or business place. Whether it is a personally designed counter with a home bar cabinet or an in-built bar, you have to invest a lot of time, effort, and money to design it in your abode. Here are some aspects that you should keep in your mind before you start working on having a home bar:

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1. Type 

At first, you should decide whether you should go with a dary bar or a wet bar. The significance difference is that the first one has no sink while the second one has a small sink. In the designing of a wet bar, you need to pay attention to the plumbing work and ensure that the sink could facilitate you in cleaning and washing wine glasses. 

2. Size 

In home bar design work, you need to value the size, which is mainly related to the available space and your entertaining style. As per your choice, taste, and the available space, you can use a corner in your living room for a home bar or build a lavish bar with pool tables, a sophisticated sound system, and a video game. You can go with a U-shaped, L-shape, straight, or curved bar counter that could be of proper height. If you have a small home, you can simply go with the installation of a few home bar cabinets on your living room walls. 

3. Design Style 

In the design of your in-house bar, you should use interesting details so that you could give a traditional, modern, or transitional look to it. Make it sure that its design is in accordance with the design of your entire home design. Think of having cabinets with clear glasses to facilitate yourself and your guests what is placed inside. Further, install a backsplash mirror to make the space virtually bigger.

4. Material 

Whether it is a countertop or a cabinet in your home bar, you should use only optimum quality materials. For a countertop, you can go with materials like backlit onyx, granite, engineered quartz, solid surface, or Italian marble to provide a classy look to it. And for a cabinet, opt for the one with a close or open shelf. Whether you go with a closet or open shelf home bar cabinet, you must know the quality of wood used in its design and production.

5. Storage 

For a better storage, you should have home bar cabinets with a combination of open and closed storage. You can think of installing glass hanging racks for the display of wine bottles, glassware, drinks, wine glasses, and allied accessories. Further, you can go with having an in-built refrigerator in your home bar cabinets. 

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6 Layered lighting 

For the illumination of your home bar, you should have a good amalgamation of soft and layered lightings. For lighting the inner part of your home bar cabinets, you can install rope lighting or focus lights. Further, you can hang pendant lights above the counter to facilitate drink preparation jobs.


When it comes to designing a home bar, there is no hard & fast rule. You can go with the ideas mentioned above or apply the one that you think could help you to have a good home bar. Whatever you do in home bar designing, it will facilitate your drinking and avoid accidents that could happen due to the enjoyment of drinks outside.    

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