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5 Types of Canvas will blow your mind

Integrating multiple colours in contrast and just pouring on the Canvas considering any effect just looks amazing. What if these fine arts are just bought to gift someone on a special occasion and festival? These handmade masterpieces are designed by skilful artists who know your necessity. Varying in different sizes, the canvas can be easily painted with any kind of brush suitable for the design.

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Why fear when the Diwali festival is near?

A festival to come and a year to end. Yes, it is the Diwali blast and exciting offers are waiting for you. WallMantra window is open for you, just visit it as soon as possible to buy Canvas painting in several patterns. With beautiful rangoli and lighting diya’s, giving presents is more pleasing. Just one click and your canvas painting are booked.

Special Facts about Canvas Painting

  1. Texture – Perfection lies in the hand of the creator and thus it results in an elegant texture. Broad strokes of the brush and fine lines submits another feel in the painting. A customer may find it difficult to understand the texture used by the graceful outlook is more diving in nature.
  2. Complexion and fusion- Positivity glows out when the number of colours is revolving on a canvas. Plotting of tincture in every corner accord some meaning and further these paintings are sold out at the best price.

Types of Canvas

  1. Stretched Canvas- The most favourable canvas which is used by every individual of any age. Flexibility and smoothness maintain the art moisture for a long time. Each canvas is available in multiple drags and measurements where your choice of colour and consistency joins.
  2. Board Canvas- This type of canvas helps to rejoice your mood. Either you are travelling or working, anytime anywhere board canvas will be your true partner. You can carry this canvas with you because it’s size and compatibility are small. Just an amazing structure for beginners.
  3. Paper Canvas- Kids are often fond of painting in their free time but they don’t have the experience to frame their talent anywhere. Paper canvas helps in growing the hidden talent under kids. The paper pad canvas is a great option to trace a refined canvas painting.
  4. Wooden Canvas- For different canvas, separate colours are used as oil and acrylic paints. Wooden Canvas is highly recommended for those artists who know how to rub the brush on it. Easy to draw but hard to care about.
  5. Metal Canvas- An oil primer is good support for metal canvas for a deep canvas painting. Aluminium, brass, and copper are the main pillars through which metal canvas is prepared.

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