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5 Inspiring Wooden Hangings That You Should Buy Now

Everyone loves to live in a place, which is clean & well-maintained and reflects the style of its owner, like you. As your home is the most loved place on earth, you should pay proper attention to its cleaning, maintenance, and decoration. And when it comes to decorating your home, you use several decorative items such as paintings, hangings, murals, stickers & posters, and frame sets. 

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Suppose that you opt for using hanging items for your home decoration. In this case, you will come across hangings made of plastic, ceramic, wood, etc. You can keep reading this write-up if you have opted for wooden hangings and want to decide which one you should choose from a wide array of options. Here are some unique hangings that are made of high-grade MDF wood:

1. Beautiful Om Design Wooden Wall Hanging 

Om or Aum is a holy sound in many Indian religions such as Hinduism, Shikhism, and Jainism. Being associated with the ultimate reality, its pronunciation provides a feeling of calm and quiet. Many people pronounce this term by placing an interlinked symbol or item. You can think of installing this wood-made wall hanging at the place that you use for praying your lord with the sound of om or aum

2. Beautiful Buddha Design Wooden Wall Hanging 

This wall art is a great choice to show off your faith in Buddhism and adorn a place with a spiritual item. Designed and made using advanced technique (laser cut) and supreme quality MDF wood, this wooden wall hanging has a fine finish and protected with a layer of transparent matt varnish. Available with all the requisite hanging tools, this decorative wall art is ready to hang from your living space or bedroom wall. 

3. Beautiful Leaf Skeleton Design Wooden Wall Hanging

Do you want to have leaves as a decorative piece in your home decoration? Opt for buying this Beautiful Leaf Skeleton Design Wall Hanging. It is made of superior quality 5-7 mm thick medium density fibreboard wood and has a transparent matt finish varnish that gives it a long-lasting shine. After the installation, it will cover an area of 40cm x 43cm or 61cm x 63cm on a space wall and beautify the space to make it look appealing.

4. Beautiful Sri Yantra Design Wall Hanging 

Many people have concentration issues. They usually fail to stay concentrated on a topic or work and practice how to enhance their concentration. To improve their concentration/focus, they use different items, and Sri Yantra is one of them. You can go with the purchase and installation of Beautiful Sri Yantra Design Wall Hanging if you are among those people. Made of 5-7 mm thick MDF wood, this wooden black wall hanging will boost your focus after the practice for a few days/weeks. 

5. Beautiful Birds Welcome Design Wooden Wall Hanging


Usually, people greet their guests and known persons when they come to see them. Some of you prefer to greet your home visitors at the main entrance. In such a case, you opt for hanging a welcome sign. Think of purchasing and installing this Beautiful Birds Welcome Design Wooden Wall Hanging at the primary entry of your home. Due to its fine finishing and the usage of high-grade 5-7 mm thick medium density fibreboard wood, it will greet your home visitors even in your absence.   

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The write-up has briefly explained only five wooden hangings as suggested decorative items. You can go to the Wooden Hanging section after logging onto WallMantra.com to explore more options for wood-made decorative wall hangings.         


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