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5 Ingenious Canvas Painting Ideas for Your Living Room

wall painting images for bedroom

A living room is the central part of a home. People use to meet their friends and known & unknowns, entertain themselves, watch television programs, read their favorite books, and spend quality time with all their family members together. So, people think a lot when it comes to adorn it. In decorating your living room, you have numerous options such as stickers, decorative wall plates, murals, and paintings. If you decide to embellish your home with paintings, you would have a lack of ideas. Here are some canvas painting ideas for living room for your support:     

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  1. Seven Running Horses Abstract Design Canvas Wall Painting

If you believe in Vaastu, this canvas printed wall painting is a great choice. Apart from enhancing the look of your living room, it can help you balance energy in your home. Running horses represent speed. After hanging it on the eastern wall, this painting of seven running horses will accelerate the growth of your family members. You will experience quicker completion of tasks. The horses also represent freedom and power. You will experience artistic nature benefit if you hang this canvas wall painting on the wall facing to the west. To be sure on your success, you should hang this horse wall painting on the southern wall.


  1. Waterfall Jungle Nature Scenery Canvas Wall Painting

This canvas printed wall painting is an ideal option for you if you are looking for wall décor painting ideas with a nature theme. As per the name, this wall painting represents the scene of a forest having a waterfall. To make it one of the masterpieces of an artist, the painting is printed on a high-grade thick gloss canvas with the use of high definition photo print technology. The printing is very clear and makes viewers to assume being close to a waterfall in a jungle.


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  1. Beach Sunset Ocean Scenery Canvas Painting

Love to watch the setting sun on a beach? And want to experience the scene every day? If yes, this canvas wall painting will be an excellent piece to embellish your living room. Available in the size of 122cm X 61cm, this wall art is printed on supreme quality canvas fabric with the use of high definition photo print technology. It has frames made of termite and weather resistant MDF wood. After being hung, it will surely enhance the interior of your living room.


  1. Red and White Tulips Flower Canvas Wall Painting

In search of wall art painting ideas with a floral theme? This canvas printed wall painting is the suitable option for your home embellishment. The painting has a brown and green background. Further, it has numerous red and white tulip buds and flowers. After its placement on your living room wall, you will surely have a different room look. You will notice a significant change in the behaviour of your family members, friends, and home visitors. They will be happier after having a look at this wall art.

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  1. Dancing Ballerinas Canvas Painting

Are you fond of dancing girls? Do you love watching dancing girls? Make this scene as everyday scene for you by hanging this canvas printed wall painting. The canvas wall painting has red-yellow background and the printed images of three girls in a dancing position – two girls have red outfits while the one has a blue dress. Due to the use of high definition photo print technology, this painting gives a real look of dancing girls and enhances the interior of a home space.

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