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4 Leading Tips on How You Can Enhance the Shelf Life of Your Favorite Double Bedsheet

An average human spends nearly 1/3rd of his life merely sleeping. And what’s more gratifying than a squeaky clean double bedsheets accentuating your bedroom. The contentment obtained after lying on a soft bed is indubitably unparalleled. Also, few experts found out that unwashed pillowcase, sheets contain 40 times of bacteria than the food bowls of your pet. And astonishingly, in one survey as per businessinsider.com, 55% of single men between 18 and 25 change their sheet merely four times a year. All this can be as destructive as some life-challenging diseases, though slower. Precisely, there’s a dire need to groom your bed to get a relaxed sleep and a hygienic atmosphere. Read below some extensive bed care highlights that can be life-changing and effortless to pursue also. 

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1- Follow 3 At A Time Rule- Whether its summers or winters, an uninfected bed calls to observe this rule. People usually believe that washing a double bedsheets during cold is not critical, owing to the thick fiber and passivity surrounding the bodies. However, this myth needs to be busted extensively. Regardless of the weather, your bed demands constant care. You should have three double bedsheet sets at a time:

  • The first one should be waiting to be clean in your laundry.
  • Another one is on the bed, in neat and pristine condition.
  • The final set in your wardrobe is preserved for use once the prevailing gets defiled. 

You would never be disappointed minding this ardently. Neither will it enhance your workload if you are in a 9 to 5 job, nor the chances of your loved ones getting infected would rise. 

2- No flashy conditioners, Ensure Cleanliness- Yes, you have heard it precisely right. The market is full of liquid detergents that ensure nothing but a strong fragrance. Also, as a rational consumer, it’s your responsibility to make sure what works best for your clothes and what does not. The harsh ingredients and chemicals poured into such cleaners do nothing than lessen the shelf life of your favourite WallMantra’s double bedsheet from the novel launched home decor collection. Always recall, nothing works better than rinsing your Double Bedsheet in plain water. The sticky ingredients get stuck into the fibre of the sheet for maximum time and then finally erode it permanently. You can wash your sheets with a simple detergent lying in your home. Take care of the quantity, as it shouldn’t be more or less. While the fewer amounts would fail to ensure cleanliness, more can be unhealthy overall. 

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3- Maintain A Proper Cleaning Schedule- Piling the sets of dohar, pillows, double bedsheets can be frustrating, especially when you hate doing laundry on your own. For saving time and energy, a weekly wash schedule works perfectly. Also, deferring washing bedsheets after a weak can be detrimental and daunting. Besides an assigned time, here are some tips you can follow religiously:

  • The temperature of the water ought to be balanced. Washing a double bedsheet in piping hot water will leave you in dismay. 
  • If your sheet demands bleaching, consider using oxygen bleach than chlorine. The harsh chemicals in bleach can reduce the life of your sheet significantly. 
  • Always read the wash & care instructions before washing anything. The lacey and delicate designs can get damaged if washed mindlessly. 
  • Avoid over-drying the clothes in the dryer. You will end up getting sheets that are over-wrinkled and tough to iron. 
  • Wash neutral and bright coloured clothes separately. The stains your white bedsheet gets owing to the dereliction become a task to execute.   

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4- Mindful Storage can be Your Biggest Saviour- It’s a myth difficult to debunk that the way you store your sheets affects their life positively. There should be an assigned place for all your single or double bedsheets. The drawers or shelves should be clean enough to reserve them properly. Also, it is equally important to make them dry enough to avoid any moisture. You can also keep anti-slip mats or covers before you place your sheets finally. Hard to believe, even the way a double bedsheet is folded makes a huge difference.                        

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