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3 Easy Steps To Choose the Best Living Room Artwork

Empty walls make a space look dull and boring, whether it is your bedroom, dining hall, living room, office reception or any commercial setup. To make a space such as your living room look appealing, you must think of hanging a few art pieces on the walls. The wall art pieces could be a gallery of your recent holiday tour, or a single piece of living room artwork that makes your heart sing and dance. If you are among them who ask how to choose the best living room artwork, the steps mentioned here can be helpful to you: 

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1. Decide where to hang the living room artwork


In your living room, you have three prudent places where you can hang wall art pieces. These places are above your sofa, fireplace mantel, and the wall spaces over windows. Whether you select the space over your sofa, fireplace mantel, or empty wall space above windows, you should have a strategic plan to hang wall art pieces. 

  • Above the sofa

Ensure that your wall art pieces such as big paintings for living room are the two-third of the width of your sofa if you are going to hang a single artwork piece. You can apply the same proportion  if you are hanging a group of wall art pieces such as collage photo frame paintings. Further, ensure to have a 2-3-inch gap between each piece frame while hanging a set of wall art pieces. Furthermore, make it sure that you have left a constant space of 6-8 inches between the bottom of every framed painting and the top of your sofa’s back.        

  • Fireplace mantel 

Due to its height, hanging an artwork piece on mantels is usually a tricky job. You can think of hanging a tall piece of artwork on your fireplace mantel for the creation of a casual look in your living room. 

  • Flanking windows

For hanging a wall artwork piece on the walls that flank windows, you need to be careful. Be more careful if the windows in your living room are framed with drapes. The drapes could spill over the wall from the ceiling to the floor, and the placing any artworks there could make the space feel overcrowded. You have approximately 4-6 inches space to hang wall art pieces. Make your selection wisely. 

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2. Select the right types of artwork 

When it comes to the selection of the right artwork, you have numerous options based on their functionality, theme, design, shape, size, and color. In general, artwork comes with two options – ready to hang and DIY (Do It Yourself). Whether you go with the one that is ready to hang or the one that is DIY, you need to be very careful and pay attention to what you want. You need to keep everything from the design and theme to shape, size, and color. If you decide to go DIY, you can choose the best one from your kid’s creative & colorful artwork, frame pages, wallpapers, and fabrics to create your own art pieces for your living room.  

3. Create a grid or photo wall 

With grouped artwork, you can create a visual impact, texture, and drama in your living room. Whether you want to have a meandering photo wall on the large wall space in your living room, or an accent wall behind a chair/table, photo walls as living room artwork are an ideal solution for you. You can hang photos in a group on the empty wall space on hallways and staircases. In this, you can use a few tricks and tips that are as follows: 

  • Build a plan – Place a photo on the wall and move it around until your arrangement for hanging it feels and looks right.   
  • Have a focal point – For hanging photos in a group, you should have a focal point that will be a large artwork piece or photo in the center. Suppose that you are hanging your family photos in a group and you are the head of your family. You can keep yours and your spouse photo in the center and hang the photos of your children around it.    
  • Tape a line level – For a better look, your photos should be in an order that you can get by marking a line on the wall. You can use a masking tape or a non-stick painter’s tape for creating a line and ensure you are going to hang photos in the right proportion.     
  • Have constant space – Your photo wall will look optimized and appealing if you leave a space between photos. Ensure that there is a balance space around each framed photo.

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Choosing the best living room artwork depends on a lot of things. From the space where to hang to the size, shape, design, type, and color, you need to keep everything in mind. A well-made plan with the right execution will be fruitful for you. 

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