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11 Easy Steps to Hang a Wall Clock Properly

Apart from being a utility piece, like a time machine, a wall clock is a decorative item in today’s world. By hanging the right clock on the wall of your living room or any part of your home/office, you can show off your artistic style along with the time display. When it comes to hanging a wooden wall clock, you need to be sure that you have placed it safely and securely. Whether you use a stud or not, safe and secure hanging will facilitate you to keep a home space look appealing. Here are a few steps to hang a wall clock properly:

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Hanging wall clocks with the use of studs:

1. Locate a stud in your home wall with the use of a stud finder tool

After placing it on the wall, turn the stud finder tool on by pressing its buttons that are on the side. Keep sliding it from the right to the left until its light indicates a stud on the wall. Use a pencil to mark the area. You can use a screw anchor to hold the screw if you can’t find the stud on the wall. 

2. Hold the clock on the designated wall place for a while 

Take your wooden timepiece up and hold it against the wall where you want to hang it. Request a family member or friend to state how it looks in the position you have held it and moving in what direction can enhance its looks after hanging it on the wall. You can also have a look at its appearance by requesting your friend or family member to hold it as you held the same. As far as possible, try to hang it at your eye level. It would be better to hang the timepiece at a wall place that could facilitate you seeing it from several different angles.

3. Use a pencil to mark at the clock’s top 

Use your other hand to mark the top of the timepiece while holding it steadily with one hand. There is no need to have an exact marking on the wall. However, the mark should be able to instruct you on the placement of your wall clock. You can ask your family member or friend for help. 

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4. Insert an anchor into the wall after drilling if you are not using a stud 

You must use a screw anchor for a secure hanging if your wall clock is heavy. Screw the anchor into the wall around 2 inches below the made mark on the wall after attaching a head drill bit to your drilling machine. Ensure that the anchor is flush with the wall. 

5. Drill the screw about the 1/3rd of it

With the usage of the drill, insert a 3-inch screw into a room wall on the mark you have made with a pencil. Leave its 1/3rd out of the wall. 

6. Hang the clock onto the screw 

Have a close look at the back of your wooden or metallic clock to find out what part you can mount on the screw. Some clocks have small holes while others have wire backings. Use gentle pressure to make your clock slip the mounting area over the screw that you have drilled into the wall. 

7. Listen for a ticking sound if you hang a pendulum wall clock 

Due to their hanging mechanisms, pendulum clocks are heavier. Have a close look and try to listen to the tick-tock sound that comes out of it after every one second. Listening to this sound will facilitate you to know whether your clock is straight or not. Your clock could not tell the right time if its pendulum is off. 

Hanging a wall clock with an adhesive hook 

1. Wash off your wall with the use of a window cleaner or alcohol

Take a clean washcloth piece and spray window cleaner on it or dip it into isopropyl alcohol. Apply gentle pressure to wipe the wall area where you want to hang your clock. With it, you will remove dirt & dust from there. Use a clean soft towel to dry the area. Proper cleaning will facilitate the adhesive to stick better on the wall. 

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2. Mark the area with a pencil 

Hold the clock up to your eye level on the wall area where you want to place it. Use another hand or ask someone in your family to mark the area on the clock’s top to use the mark as a reference. Spot the area that could allow you to see the time from different angles. 

3. Attach the adhesive hook to the designated wall place 

There is a backing off on the adhesive hook. Peel it off. Place it around the marked area on the wall. Keep it holding against the wall for 10-20 seconds and ensure it is stuck well. You need to check the weight limit of the adhesive hook if your wall clock is heavy. 

4. Hang the clock over the placed adhesive hook 

Match the back of your clock with the adhesive hook. Make the mounting part of the clock slip over the hook. Adjust it on the adhesive hook to make it even if the clock is slanted or tilted. Otherwise, there would be the wrong display of time due to the lack of balance in the ticking mechanism.

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