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10 Effective Steps To Make Your Small Living Room Look Attractive & Spacious

Home is the place on earth that makes us feel relaxed and comfortable after coming back from our workplace. For hundreds of years, it hasn’t only been a place to take a rest, but also a place to show how lavish life we live. Unlike the early days, most of us have a lack of space, which works as a barrier in decorating it. Keep in mind smaller space doesn’t mean that you can’t adorn your home and make it look bigger. You can make your small living look attractive and spacious by organizing things and bringing a few new decorative objects to it. Here are some effective steps for your help:


1. Paint your living room with the right colour

The paint colour of your living room has a significant impact on its visual area. You must have neutral shades if it is small. Further, the colour of your furniture and fixtures must be in accordance with your wall colour. With the right selection of colour for your wall and furniture, you can enhance room aesthetics along with maximizing the space. You can keep the colour of your living room floor and walls white to brighten it up.

2. Have a few indoor plants 

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With a few wall hanging planters, you can easily plant some useful and beneficial indoor plants in your living room. Apart from having several health benefits such as fresh air and a calm environment, indoor plants enhance the look of your living room and make it look bigger.

3. Brighten it up with decorative lamps

A well-lit room looks brighter and bigger. And a few extra lights hanging from the ceiling of your living room or long lamps on the floor help you make it look spacious. If possible, include luxurious and modish chandeliers in your decorating items. In your search, you can come across many decorative lights. In addition, you can let a little natural light come into it. Natural light brightens up your space in a better way and makes it look virtually spacious.

4. Mirror your living room walls

A mirrored wall creates an illusion of the objects placed in front of it. Mirroring your living room is an excellent way to make it look spacious and beautiful. Shop for one to two decorative wall mirrors and install the same on the wall to create a reflection of the things placed in front of them.

5. Decorate it with a rug 

In the decoration of a living room, the use of a rug works better. The use of a large mat covering almost the entire space makes your living room look classy and stylish. Further, it makes your living room look bigger than the actual size.

6. Declutter it 

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Clutters break the look of any space. And your living room is no exception to it. For a bigger look, you should keep the things that relate only to it and avoid placing clothes and allied irrespective objects. Hang more than a wooden wall shelf and place only decorative items, books, awards, and showpieces on its shelves. Organize everything and place an object in its proper place in your living room. A well-organized space looks bigger.

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7. Hang a few aquariums from your living room wall 

A living room is the place where you see someone who comes to meet you and sit with your family members together. So, you take every possible effort to show your tastes, likes, and hobbies. And if watching fish swimming in your home wall is one of those things, you will do it with the installation of wall mounted aquariums. Available in several different shapes, sizes, and designs, you can decorate your living room and complete your hobbies with these wooden aquariums.

8. Opt for tall furniture pieces instead of broad ones

Adding a heightened chair & table, tall floor lamp, and toll bookshelf impacts more on your living room decoration than fixtures with a broad area. Place the fixtures in the empty room corners. Apart from your living room, you can use these tall decorative items in other parts (bedroom and dining hall) of your home.

9. Create a gallery wall 

Your living room is the area where you show up what artworks and natural creations you love. By sticking paintings or framed big paintings displaying your tastes and likes, you can easily create a wall gallery in your living room. Based on your tastes and likes, you can add different textures, colours, and frames for the gallery to draw the attention of someone who comes to see you at your home.

10. Find the perfect sofa 

A sofa set has a crucial effect on your living room decoration. Opt for aN L-shaped sofa set if your living room has a narrow space. Besides, you can opt for a set of sofas and bed that you can easily place against the wall for space creation.


Making a small room look spacious and attractive is a little tricky. By shopping the right items, organizing the things properly, and brightening the space, you can succeed in making your living room spacious.

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