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10 Best Planters You Can Buy For Creating An In-house Garden

In the contemporary world, nothing is impossible. It means you can achieve what you want. Suppose that you want to have a garden in or around your home. However, you are unable to fulfill this desire, as you have no proper space for gardening. Now, you can have an in-house garden without using a single inch on your home floor. Yes, you have thought correctly. I am talking about hanging planters. By planting the right houseplants in the earthen/ceramic/metal/plastic pots and placing these potted plants on planters, you can create a garden in your living room, dining hall, or even in your bedroom. Here are some best planter options for you: 

1. Wooden Wall Hanging White Planter

This wall hanging planter is made of high-grade medium density fiberboard wood and has fine matte finish. Available with all the requisite accessories, this white planter can easily be hung and used for placing three to eight different potted small plants. Apart from plantation, you can use it for placing toys, showpieces, books, and other valuable items. 

2. Wooden Wall Hanging Curve Shape Red Planter 

Made using superior quality jute rope and MDF wood, this curve shape wall hanging planter set is a great choice for your indoor plantation plan. You can use this set of wooden planters to hang three different potted plants. With them, you will have a small in-house garden on your bedroom, dining hall, or living room wall. 

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3. Designer Hexagonal Iron Wall Shelf 

This wall hanging planter is made of premium quality iron and medium density fiberboard wood. It is an ideal wall shelf to place 4 pots with different or similar small to medium-sized four houseplants. Due to fine finish and attractive look, this wall shelf can help you to beautify a space in your home. 

4. Elegant Wall Hanging Bamboo Planter 

Go with this bamboo planter if you are seriously looking for an eco-friendly plant vase for your in-house gardening plan. This wall hanging planter is an ideal plant pot to plant a small houseplant and hang the same in your dining hall or living room. You can use this planter to grow plants on the exterior walls of your home. 

5. Wall Hanging Planters

Willing to have a mini floral garden in your bedroom, dining hall, or living room? Opt for purchasing and installing this set of 5 Wall hanging Planters. Made of higher-grade poly resin, these hanging planters have a black matte finish, smart design, and attractive look. With the installation of these planters, you can easily attract your home visitors to a particular space in your living room or dining hall. 

6. Baby Groot Planter 

This pair of Baby Groot Planters is an ideal planting option for you if you want to have a centerstage at the primary entrance or in the living room of your home. The use of supreme quality poly resin makes these two planters unbreakable and eco-friendly. You can use them for planting small to medium-sized plants or flower plants inside your home. 

7. Beautiful Face Planter 

Made using premium-grade unbreakable poly resin, this pair of Beautiful Face Planters is a great choice for making a center of attraction in your living room or dining hall. These face planters are black and have a smart design, eye-catchy appearance, and a super matte finish that enable them to draw the attention of anybody who comes around them. 

8. Roman Lady Face Planter 

This set of two Roman Lady Face Planters is an ideal plant vase to create a centerstage at the main entrance or in your living room. Their fine finish and eye-catchy appearance could enforce your visitors to have a look at them if placed well with fragrant flower plants. Made of superior quality polyresin, these face planters are unbreakable and friendly to the atmosphere. 

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9. Designer Diamond Shape Iron Wall Shelves 

This pair of Designer Diamond Shape iron Wall Shelf is made of high-grade MDF wood and superior quality iron. Available with a superior matte finish, these two planters can help you to hang two different small to medium-sized potted plants from your living room or dining hall wall. Apart from plantation, you can use these two wall shelves to place books, showpieces, and toys. 

10. Poly Resin Wall Hanging Planters

This planter set has 10 wall hanging planters that could help you create a small in-house garden. Made of high-grade poly resin, these hanging planters are friendly to the environment and unbreakable. In these hand painted planters, you can plant 10 different types of small to medium-sized plants/flower plants to have a beautiful garden in your living room or dining hall.       

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